Coronation Street fans work out split for beloved couple

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Coronation Street icon Maria Connor (played by Samia Longchambon) has had it rough over the last few months. After becoming a member of the council, she was subjected to online trolling and a nasty deep fake video. Her boyfriend Gary Windass (Mickey North) has been by her side throughout it all, even after the attack of Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron). However, their relationship could be in jeopardy as she prioritises work over their relationship.

In tonight’s episode and walking through the market, Gary exclaimed: “This is mad you know. The market shouldn’t just open again after everything that has happened.”

Maria defensively replied: “What do you think just because of everything that has happened we should be chucking in the towel?

“You know what I think we should be staying open until the 18th as planned, otherwise Griff wins doesn’t he.”

Calming her down, Gary replied: “Babe, babe! He is locked up!”

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Spider and Toyah walked past, with Gary thanking Spider for stopping Griff and making the community feel safe again.

Later in the cafe, Gary was distracted while talking to Izzy as she said: “Oh it has been lovely having Jake to myself for a few days.

“Even though he has been missing Lee! He is a cheeky so-and-so now, played a prank on me the other day, coloured round the coin and asked me to roll it down my face.”

Noticing he wasn’t listening and was distracted by something, Izzy asked: “Earth to Gary. Are you alright, you seem a bit distracted?”

Looking over at Maria, he admitted: “I am worried about her. Ever since she got on the council it has been non-stop.

“And you know what happened yesterday, there is just more to think about. She won’t listen to me.”

Izzy urged him to try again, as he sat down opposite her and said: “You alright?” however, she immediately stood up and explained: “Sorry I can’t stay I have a meeting in half an hour.”

Gary sighed and asked: “Do you really need to be there? Come on after everything that you have been through.

“The trolling, the deep fake video, a bomb! Do you not think it is time to take a step back?”

However, Maria was adamant and replied: “It is sweet that you worry about me but I love being on the council, I am not giving it up.”

In a bid to compromise with Maria, he asked: “Ok, well can you keep more of a low profile then? Pull back on the campaigning, it is dangerous,” before she stormed off to work.

On her way to work, Maria bumped into Councillor Len Cameron who revealed he had organised a TV interview to put on a united front, one she couldn’t turn down.

Later during the interview, Len tells the reporter that the current open-door policies are clearly not working and is furious.

Gary’s phone received a notification to alert him of the news broadcast and he was furious to see Maria had ignored his previous request.

She argued: “No I am sorry I strongly disagree. An attack like this unites people, it should remind us all that we have a duty to look out for and care for one another.

“That is what we have always done in Weatherfield and that is what we always will do, and that is why I am determined to carry on the great work I started.

“Keeping this community close together. We should never let hate and prejudice win.”

Has Maria pushed Gary too far, leaving him no choice but to offer her an ultimatum? Their relationship or work?

Expressing their worry about the couples relationship, Claire Daily took to her Twitter and expressed: “Hope the writers don’t tear Maria and Gary apart! Can’t take more heartbreak.”

@ladyCoz commented: “If Coronation Street DARES splits up Maria and Gary I will SCREAM.”

Bradley Sumners added: “Have a feeling that Maria and Gary will be done soon. Can feel the tension from Gary rising.”

@LindseyDOTS998 said: “Maria blatantly ignoring the advice from Gary… surely that won’t end well for them?” (sic)

Coronation Street airs weekdays from 8pm on ITV.

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