Coronation Street reveals first look at the shocking moment Jim McDonald and Hannah Gilmore get caught out

Coronation Street‘s Liz McDonald finally discovers the truth about ex-husband Jim and Hannah Gilmore’s evil plot in a first-look at Wednesday’s double bill.

Tonight (October 10), all of the drama of Steve and Tracy’s wedding reception gets taken to another level when Hannah (Hannah Ellis Ryan) decides to turn Liz (Beverley Callard) against Jim (Charles Lawson) once and for all.

Hannah and Jim have been scamming Liz for weeks in hopes of stealing her £10,000 savings, but Hannah has started sensing her lover is having second thoughts and may have rekindled old feelings for his ex.

So, she calls Jim up to her hotel room for a passionate kiss, not telling Jim that Liz is in the bathroom. The horrified look when Liz discovers her ex-husband kissing their supposed long-lost daughter says it all.

Will this truly be the end of the road for Jim and Liz? When the controversial storyline first started, Charles Lawson hinted to Digital Spy that there’s always hope for the legendary couple to work it out in the end.

“People who write for the show know that [he loves her] and it would be a very foolish idea if you suddenly turned that on its head,” he explained.

“As anybody in the real world knows, if you do fall in love you tend not to fall out of love again, no matter what the circumstances are. So they do and long may that continue.”

Coronation Street airs this shocking revelation on Wednesday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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