Coronation Street star 'stunned' to discover Toyah did intentionally kill Imran

Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) has been at the centre of the drama on Coronation Street since the car crash that killed her lover Imran (Charlie De Melo) back in June.

Since the incident, there has been one question on everyone’s mind: Did she really mean to kill him?

It wasn’t just fans who were left wondering what Toyah’s intentions were, with actress Georgia Taylor not knowing for sure until the release of a batch of scripts that revealed exactly what Toyah was thinking in that moment.

It’s bad news for Toyah and Imran fans, as it turns out that the scorned Battersby knew exactly what she was doing as she intentionally drove her car into a building.

‘It was only really confirmed when I got that batch of scripts that you’re talking about now and I was like “Oh, okay, so she did [mean to do it]…”‘ Georgia said as she reacted to the news on her character’s decision.

‘The thing is, I still think it’s a grey area, I still think it’s very interesting because she didn’t get in the car meaning to kill him or hurt him, absolutely not.

She continued: ‘The way I’m trying to understand it is that she had a few seconds where the red mist descended and she completely just lost her mind for a second and I guess in the same way that someone could punch someone in a moment of rage or despair.

‘I guess just a slightly more extreme version of just someone driving a car and just going “I don’t care what happens” and then boom, before you know it, they’ve hit the building.’

With Toyah’s intentions now crystal clear, will she be sent down for the crime?

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