Corrie star reveals death story for David in almighty clash with killer Stephen

Jack P Shepherd has been teasing what’s ahead for his Coronation Street character David Platt as the walls start to close in on Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce).

As things stand, Stephen has murdered Leo and Teddy Thompkins and Rufus Donohue. He’s also been responsible for drugging Carla (Alison King) with LSD stealing some of Audrey’s (Sue Nicholls) cash and creating fake life insurance documents for Elaine (Paula Wilcox), hoping that he’d get her money after murdering her.

But as the crimes continue, Stephen finds his past actions often have a habit of returning to haunt him. We saw this in a recent episode of the ITV soap, when he destroyed a tie pin that was found near Rufus’ dead body to prevent the truth from being revealed.

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When it comes to Stephen’s downfall, the likes of Peter (Chris Gascoyne), Carla (Alison King) and Tim (Joe Duttine) are all in with the chance of being responsible but as Jack P Shepherd explains here, we might’ve been looking in the wrong direction this entire time…

‘Things are getting on top of him [Stephen] and people are starting to find out’, he told Digital Spy recently, discussing what’s ahead for this storyline.

‘I think I’m heavily involved in it, although I haven’t read it yet! People have said I am. People have said I’m in it, so that’s always nice.

‘I’m interested to know how it ends’, he pondered.

‘It’ll be sad if Uncle Stephen does have to leave permanently, because it’s always a shame when you lose a Platt – someone close to your family. Hopefully he just gets arrested or something, but I don’t know, because he has done a lot of bad stuff and he’s killed people!’

Jack added: ‘I suppose one of the reasons why David hasn’t been involved in the story so far is because he has history with Stephen. Stephen was the one who promised to take David to Milan to work in a clothing factory over there.

‘David ruined Sarah’s wedding, so as a penalty for that, Stephen took Sarah instead. David has always resented Stephen for that and it’s been frosty between them both.’

Jack continued, reflecting on the fact the lack of interaction between David and Stephen has more than likely saved his character’s life so far!

‘They don’t have many words with each other, which has probably saved David’s life – that he hasn’t had many scenes with him! They’ve always kept a distance.

‘But I know 100%, when it eventually does come out, David’s the first one to go: “I always knew!”‘

The end is most certainly in sight for Stephen Reid, as recent pictures have shown him at an airport, contemplating making a mad dash away from Weatherfield.

But will he escape in time?

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