As the trial of Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) for the killing of her husband Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) is about to get underway, the stakes could not be higher for Toyah.

And Georgia Taylor has told us that she couldn’t be happier about having such a juicy storyline to play.

‘I’ve been crying out for this for about two years,’ she says. ‘Not this specific storyline but something like this that is textured and complicated and multi faceted.’

She loves the complexity of the story, with Toyah’s motivations for what happened during the car crash being unclear – even to her.

‘Morally it’s really complicated and difficult to unpick,’ she explains.

‘I can’t unpick it myself, I can’t say should she go to prison or not because I could give you an argument for both. I’m just hoping that the audience find that challenging and interesting and not frustrating because I understand sometimes people want things to be quite clear cut and this isn’t.’

Georgia says that she felt that the character of Toyah had slightly lost her way in recent years: ‘I think I had a couple of years where Toyah was very passive, very forgiving, I felt like she became a little bit of a doormat.’ This current storyline has brought back what she calls ‘that Battersby spirit,’ while also showing the contradictions in how Toyah reacts to what’s happening.

‘She’s kind of fragile, she’s having these outbursts but there’s also at times a real kind of core inner strength in her, that Battersby spirit that I talked about,’ she says.

Georgia is looking forward to seeing how the audience reacts as events unfold.

‘It will be interesting because I think there will definitely be two sides of the coin,’ she says.

‘There’ll be people who’ll be going “Just lock her up forever” and other people who’ll be going “Oh you know, she didn’t really mean it, he did treat her quite badly.” so I‘m excited to see what people’s reactions are.’

But what will the outcome be? Could Toyah end up in prison? Georgia is sort of hoping so, saying, ‘I’ve said all along, I really want a prison storyline because it looks like so much fun!’

Will she get her wish?

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