'Counting On': Why Have the Duggars Started Hiding Everything About Their Family?

TLC’s Counting On follows Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and the adventures with a family of 19 kids. Now that so many of the kids have married and started families of their own, the show has only grown more interesting to fans.

In recent months, though, it appears the Duggars have started to shy away from the public eye. Secret weddings, no baby photos, and other interesting changes have led people to ask one question: Why have the Duggars started hiding their family?

‘Counting On’ has always documented the Duggar family’s biggest accomplishments

Since 17 Kids and Counting first premiered on TLC back in 2008, the Duggar family has been regularly documenting their lives for reality television. The show eventually grew to be 19 Kids and Counting, but it was canceled in 2015 after Josh Duggar’s early 2000s sexual abuse allegations and alleged infidelity came to light.

The show rebranded as Counting On in 2016, and ever since, fans have been watching Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s kids grow up and start families of their own. From pregnancies to courtship announcements and weddings, the family has always been open about sharing their lives with fans. However, it seems that in recent months, the family has shied away from the spotlight.

The Duggar family has begun hiding important Duggar news — and even their kids’ faces

The last bit of Duggar news shared with the public was Justin and Claire Duggar’s relationship. Justin announced the courtship during season 11, and shortly after his 18th birthday, he proposed to Claire. The couple’s wedding took place on Feb. 26, but Justin appears to be the only one opening up about his personal life.

Fans recently noticed that Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have shied away from the spotlight, putting both their podcast and accessories line on pause. Plus, the couple has stopped sharing photos of their children’s faces altogether, much to the dismay of fans. The changes were sudden, shortly after Jinger and Jeremy welcomed baby no. 2 in November.

Fans were also shocked when Jed Duggar announced that he’d tied the knot over Easter weekend. Michelle and Jim Bob’s Instagram account said that Jed enjoyed a “quiet, low-key relationship.” To add to it, Jana Duggar is reportedly courting as well — but the family has kept it quiet. Duggar was spotted with a man named Stephen Wissman around Christmas, and, according to Café Mom, the clues have only continued to pile up, with Jana and Stephen often being in the same place at the same time.

Why have the Duggars suddenly gone silent on news?

For years, the Duggars opened their family up to fans. Now, it seems every big announcement is flying under the radar. It’s possible the family has exhausted their reality show days and no longer wants to be so public. With social media, it’s much easier to criticize reality show stars, and the family might have had enough.

It remains unknown why Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have suddenly started hiding their children’s faces from the spotlight. It’s likely about privacy, but their daughter Felicity was always the center of attention on their social media until recently.

The Duggars haven’t given any explanation for their newfound privacy, and it’s still unclear whether Counting On will return for a season 12.

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