Debbie McGee once got rid of a a drunk man on the tube by picking her nose
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    Debbie McGee has shared some helpful – if a bit grim – advice her dad gave her when she lived in London as a young woman.

    Her dad told her the best way to deal with “difficult” men when she was on her own was to put them off by…picking her nose.

    And it worked!

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    Speaking on Steph’s Packed Lunch today, Debbie, 64, recalled a time when she was on an empty tube by herself when a drunk man came and sat next to her.

    She started picking her nose and lo and behold, the bothersome man was gone.

    Debbie, the wife and glamorous assistant of the late magician legend Paul Daniels, said: “When I was a teenager I was living in London so he was worried about me going home on the tube.

    “If you see a man and you think he might start being a bit difficult…start picking your nose. Because it will put them off.

    "And it did happen to me! I was a late-night tube and this guy who was very drunk sat next to me and started chatting me up and I started getting a bit worried,

    "So I thought ‘ok dad, this is it!’…and it worked he ran off to the other side of the carriage!"

    She also opened up about why she has decided to sell some of her and Daniels’ magic memorabilia.

    Debbie said she has led a “fairytale life” so wants to “pass some of the magic on”.

    The items include 400 lots of their posters, magic books and “illusions” and two beautiful clocks made by a famous French magician.

    Debbie, who was Daniels assistant from 1982, also fondly remembered how she used to say to him when he wanted to practice tricks in the evenings: “By day I'm your assistant, by night I’m your wife!”

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