A Place in the Sun: Couple make cheeky opening offer

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During Monday’s instalment of the Channel 4 show viewers saw Jo and Graham try and find their dream holiday in sunny Spain. After seeing five different properties they were blown away with an apartment in Roda and decided try and get it for £10k under the asking price.

Meeting up with Jasmine to reveal their decision, Jo admitted they hadn’t got much sleep the night before as they were deliberating on the one they wanted to buy.

In the episode, viewers saw the couple from Crewe narrow down their options to two different properties in the same village.

Jo revealed they weighed up the pros and cons of each place before coming to a unanimous decision.

Grahame said: “When we got to Roda golf and you could see the grounds and the pool, there’s no contest between the two.”

At the start of the show, they informed Jasmine they had a budget of £70,000 but were willing to stretch to £85,000 for their absolute dream place.

However, the apartment they wanted to put an offer on was on the market for just over £89,500.

Jo said: “I think we’re going to start with a cheeky offer of £79,000.”

A bit taken back by their offer, Jasmine confirmed as she asked: “So it’s just over £10,000 off the asking price?”

Graham responded: “You don’t ask, you don’t get!”

Jasmine rang the agent to inform them of the couple’s offer, although it was quickly declined.

The vendor then came back with a counter offer for the couple of £88,000.

Instantly, Grahame told Jasmine “no” before they tried for a third and final time to try and get the price as low as possible.

Jo told Jasmine to offer them £82,500 as she believed there was still some room to negotiate on a price.

The vendor wouldn’t accept that offer either but gave them a final cost of £85,500.

Without hesitating, Jo replied: “Done.”

The couple were thrilled with their new apartment as they both beamed saying: “We’ve got a place in the sun!”

The property that Jo and Graham brought was a first floor apartment which had a terrace overlooking the pool and a balcony.

When they were first viewing the two-bedroom apartment they called it “fantastic” and couldn’t fault it.

Inside, it had a semi-open planned kitchen, dining room and two bathrooms.

Jo called the outside area “beautiful” and complimented the view of the pool.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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