Drag Race Says Sew Long to [Spoiler] After a Disastrous Design Challenge

The fashion industry is cutthroat, as the ladies of RuPaul’s Drag Race were reminded on Friday. You know the old saying: One day you’re in, and the next day you’re… sashaying away? Yeah, that sounds right.

Episode 5 divided the remaining queens of Season 15 into groups of three, each of which would present a cohesive collection inspired by one of the judges’ home design aesthetics. More than “inspired by,” actually. The queens literally had to make their looks out of furniture pieces — you know, because design challenges aren’t stressful enough already.

This episode wasn’t terribly exciting (sorry!), so let’s jump straight to the results, shall we?

MINI CHALLENGE | At last, the library is open! Though quite a few Season 15 queens proved refreshingly literate, the winner of this time-honored shade fest was Loosey LaDuca, who’s quietly emerging as a fierce competitor. Loosey’s reading material included telling Malaysia Babydoll Foxx that she should live up to her first name and “disappear like that plane”; telling Salina EsTitties that Yolanda Saldivar, who famously murdered singer Selena Quintanilla, shot the wrong one; and defending Mistress Isabelle Brooks’ kitten heels by saying that “they start out as stilettos.”

MAXI CHALLENGE | Luxx Noir London snatched her first win this week, turning heads on the runway in a stunning Michelle Visage-inspired look that the muse herself described as “Versace meets Cavalli.” The immaculately tailored zebra pants? The regal purple drapery? The undeniable Luxx swagger? Yes to all three, and then some. She really is the perfect example of a queen who talks a big game, then backs it up by walking the damn walk. Quite a few others this season could take note.

LIP SYNC | This week’s unlucky trio turned out to be Amethyst, whose lackluster design skills were on full display; Jax, whose well-intended Heathers look didn’t slay the judges; and Salina, who did the absolute most… but forgot to also do it well. Jax’s shortcomings were deemed less egregious than her fellow bottom queens, so she was sent to safety, leaving Salina to battle three-time lip syncer Amethyst to the tune of guest judge Janelle Monae’s “Q.U.E.E.N.” Amethyst put up a decent fight, but Salina’s determination to remain in the competition was palpable with every drop, every split, every twerk. She had this in the bag before Ru even let the music play, so it came as no surprise when Amethyst was sent sashaying away.

As a native of the Nutmeg State, let me just say — Amethyst, you did Connecticut proud.

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