Eamonn Holmes’ co-star addresses being shut out over ‘fatty’ comment

Mr Motivator urges fans to keep smiling after receiving MBE

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Fitness legend Mr Motivator revealed an ongoing feud with a former GMTV presenter has not been resolved despite him reaching out to put the issue to bed. The morning TV star reflected on his relationships with people in the media ahead of his return to ITV for a special one-off show. In a recent interview, Mr Motivator was asked if the feud was between himself and Eamonn Holmes but refused to name the presenter in question.

Derrick Evans, who entertained millions of people as Mr Motivator during the 1990s, opened up on a friendship he once had with a former co-star.

The fitness instructor said: “He used to be around my home every week. He was the main presenter on GMTV.

“I met him at Television Centre, and he said to me, ‘The reason I haven’t called you is because I heard you said something about my size in the papers.

“I said, ‘I don’t do that kind of thing. Come on, you’re a celebrity, you know you can’t believe half the things out there.’”

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Derrick was asked whether he was referring to reports at the time of him calling Eamonn “fatty” but he refused to confirm or deny.

Derrick replied: “I’m not going to say who it is.

“He gave me his number and I’ve sent him text after text and he’s never responded. That’s television for you. They’re horrible.”

Express.co.uk have contacted a representative of Eamonn Holmes for comment.

Mr Motivator returned to TV screens for the BBC in 2020 to inspire the nation to keep fit during the lockdown.

He used to be the personal trainer of his colleague Eamonn but has previously denied any fat-shaming comments.

However, he has alluded to a difficult relationship with his GMTV co-stars in the past.

Derrick previously told Mail Online: “The only sincere one among them is probably Lorraine.

“She sees you and she cuddles you. The rest of them are not people who get on the phone to you, call you up and check how you are.”

The 69-year-old is soon to be embracing a new character called Proteina Turner, as part of the new ITV show Queens For The Night.

Ahead of the new show, he told the press: “You know what I’m having the time of my life.

“When you step out of your comfort zone and you do something you’ve never done and to have the support of Asttina (drag queen) who is great.”

“It’s just wonderful, especially at my wonderful age of nearly 70

“‘I say, be stupid, be crazy, be whatever because life is too short to be anything but happy.”

He declared: “Hopefully by going through this process I will learn so much more.

“I managed to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and that has opened my eyes, I am now richer for the experience.”

He will star in the show fronted by Lorraine Kelly, alongside former EastEnders’ actor Adam Woodyatt and former England rugby union player Joe Marler.

Queens For The Night airs on November 5 at 8.30pm on ITV and ITV Hub

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