EastEnders fans fume as they switch off due to World Cup storyline
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    EastEnders fans are switching off in their droves after the soap “bombarded” viewers with a football storyline amid England’s debut in the World Cup.

    As viewers tuned in to see the latest drama unfold, many were left “bored” as the episode focused heavily on England’s first match of the tourney against Iran, the start of many for the national team.

    While most of the nation enjoys watching our lads perform on the world stage, many viewers seemingly couldn’t care less about football, and have threatened to “switch off” until it’s over.

    One fumed: “#EastEnders is overdoing it a little with the football references tonight. We get it. The World Cup has started. BORED!”

    “Is Eastenders being sponsored by The World Cup ?” asked a second.

    “The amount of World Cup/football talk in tonight’s episode…someone make it stop. No need to bombard us,” penned a third.

    More chimed in, blasting: “#EastEnders desperately trying to round up interest in the World Cup when loads couldn’t care less. Switching off!”

    Another raged: “Football this football that, it's the world bleeding cup WE GET IT NOW LEAVE IT #EastEnders I’ll be back when it’s over!!”

    Despite the footy coverage, the episode was filmed with drama as Lola was seen undergoing her first session of radiotherapy.

    Lola continued to hide the truth from Lexi about her prognosis and Billy struggled to stay strong for Lola as Freddie caught him breaking down.

    Billy eventually revealed that Lola’s not well and after some words of wisdom and encouragement from Freddie, Billy takes Lola to her appointment.

    Linda is unwittingly left alone at The Vic on match day as Mick supports Janine at her first baby scan.

    Sharon steps in to help but Mick and Janine soon return and Linda is angry to learn where they’ve been.

    Alone, Janine relishes in winding Linda up about the pregnancy but Linda storms off to meet with her Community Payback Officer, Murray.

    Janine heads out alone and has an accident, falling down the stairs at the tube station, leading some to speculate she could have a miscarriage.

    “The tube station was busy – you'd think at least a security gaurd would have seen the fall and notice Janine was in pain.

    "I think Janine will lose the baby now but make out she's still got it to keep Mick close. Linda is still a huge threat to Janine,” one viewer theorized.

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