EastEnders fans puzzled over nasty Emma twist as she causes Jay and Lola heartbreak

EastEnders viewers were left confused when Patsy Kensit's character Emma ended up driving Jay Mitchell and Lola apart in a nasty plot twist on the BBC soap.

Lola didn't grow up with Emma, and only met her biological mum for the first time recently.

Yet when Emma spotted Jay chatting to a mystery woman – innocently – at Peggy's club, her first thought was to go back home and tell Lola that she couldn't trust her husband.

What made matters worse, was that Lola had only just had the bad news from the doctors that her headaches and dizzy spells could mean the chemotherapy isn't working to destroy her cancer.

Reeling from the possibility that she may not be able to fight her disease, Lola was eager to tell her husband everything, but upon hearing Emma's nasty lies, turned cold.

As Jay furiously tried to convince his wife that nothing had happened and the mystery woman was someone out on a hen do, Lola wasn't having any of it and asked him to leave.

The episode ended with the beloved Jay out in the cold and chucked out of his house, as a smug Emma sat consoling her estranged daughter inside.

Utterly puzzled why Lola would trust Emma's word over Jay's, fans flocked to Twitter to complain.

"The utter cheek of Lola's mum!! #EastEnders," one person wrote.

Another fan shared: "We all know Emma fabricated the cheating story to stir the s**t. I'm just confused as to why though. Whats Emma's angle? #EastEnders."

"Ok what's the deal with Emma? Who is she? What does she want with lola? Why does she want to throw Jay under the bus? I'm sure she isnt her real mother. Please tell me I'm so confused #eastenders," a third demanded.

While a fourth said: "Sorry but Lola even believing for a single second Jay would ever cheat really? Based on what exactly? Her Mum's word? A Mum that's literally been on the scene all of 5 minutes whereas Jay's literally been there from day 1.

"He'd never hurt her & deep down she knows it #EastEnders."

"Ok Lola's mum is so manipulative and scheming! I hate that she's driving a wedge between Lola and Jay! #EastEnders," another fan added, followed by: "I don’t understand why Lola would trust a mother whose not been in her life until a few weeks ago, as opposed to her husband who she’s known years #EastEnders."

Elsewhere, Kat Mitchell and Stacey Slater's feud continues to rumble on, as the the pair navigate the difficulties of the cost of living crisis on the soap.

While Kat is desperate to help her cousin with money, Stacey ended up showing her jealousy and resentment during the latest instalment.

EastEnders continues Thursday and Friday on BBC One


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