Emmerdale fans spot huge blunder as Kim downfall sealed after Craig confession
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    Emmerdale fans were baffled after Caleb overheard Kim making a suspicious phone call.

    The duo, played by Will Ash and Kim Tate, had plenty of interactions during Wednesday's episode (November 22), with Caleb questioning Kim about how Lydia (Karen Blick) was doing. They kept running into each other, including in the street when Kim was riding her horse.

    "Isn't that the horse that killed Craig," asked Caleb. Later in the pub, Kim ranted to Will about her conversations with Caleb.

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    Her husband insisted that Caleb won't be able to find anything on her when she has nothing to hide. Afterwards, Kim made a call to Cain. Standing outside the toilets in The Woolpack, the businesswoman insisted they need to find a way to keep what happened to Craig a secret.

    As she put down the phone, Caleb emerged from the toilets and it was clear he was listening to the whole thing. Fans raced straight to social media after the scene, questioning why she would have such an important conversation in public.

    "And why does everyone have incriminating conversations in the bloody Woolpack??!!!" said one viewer on X. Another shared: "Employing the 'eavesdropping in/near the Woolpack lavatories' plot vehicle yet again."

    A third pointed out: "oh come on we both know kim is never normally that stupid to make a phone call that incriminating in public." Someone else weighed in: "ffs I thought Kim would be smarter than to talk to Cain in any way in public & for all the people to eavesdrop it would be bloody Caleb!"

    Echoing this, another fan penned: "Kim isn't stupid enough to talk to Cain within earshot of anyone who happens to be hanging around." While a sixth agreed: "Why don’t people in that village ever learn about private conversations in that corridor outside the pub toilets??!!"

    Fans will remember that Craig, played by Ben Addis, was found dead on Home Farm at the end of October. The character made a number of enemies during his short time in the village after he raped Lydia.

    With every Dingle a suspect, viewers were stunned when the real culprit was revealed. It turned out that Kim's horse kicked Craig in the face and he was left to die after Kim and Cain failed to call an ambulance.

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