Emmerdale spoiler sees murderer Meena target David as she masterminds painkiller plan

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It’s a worrying time for Emmerdale fans next week as manipulative and evil murderer Meena returns and quickly shows she’s in the mood to kill – again!

When she spots a chef’s hat and suitcases sitting right by David’s front door, Meena assumes they belong to Victoria and she prepares to strike by throttling her rival.

But instead – and much to Meena’s surprise – Priya emerges through the door. That's because Priya has taken it upon herself to move in with David after seeing him collapse and deciding that he needs to be looked after properly.

It soon becomes clear that poor David is in a very bad way. After an encounter at The Hide, David has flashbacks to the siege.

Victoria tries to help David, but a tender moment with Victoria is interrupted by Meena – who orders her in no uncertain terms that Victoria needs to stay away.

Soon, Meena is up to no good yet again when she tells David she’s going to control his medication from now on.

After forcing David to relive what happened during the siege, Meena swaps his super-strong painkillers for paracetamol and further prepares to take control.

Elsewhere, Charles is shaken, too, and he looks as though he’s seen a ghost when a message pings on his phone.

The next day, after Charles quickly rejects a mystery phone call, Harriet also catches sight of the disturbing message.

But with no intention of talking to her about it, Charles heads off to make a phone call where he tells the person at the other end to leave him alone.

Later, Charles disappears into the woods for a mysterious liaison. But who is he meeting?

Bob is another villager going through a bad patch when Marlon orders him to stay away from April.

Will the pair eventually be able to make amends for the sake of April’s happiness?

Meanwhile, it seems Rodney is the only person feeling chipper at the moment.

He is still busy trying to win Diane back and when she tipsily suggests he move in, he’s delighted.

However, Diane regrets her offer the next day. But, after hurting herself, she finds she has no choice but to rely on him.

Plus, Kim hires someone to look for Jamie, Paddy tries to get Marlon and Chas to accept Al’s offer to buy the pub and Tracy is at last beginning to feel better after a postnatal depression group counselling session, at which she realises she isn’t alone.

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Emmerdale continues on weekdays at 7pm on ITV

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