Emmerdale spoilers see Mack affair ‘exposed’, Chas heartache and storm aftermath

Following on from the treacherous storm that swept over the village of Emmerdale, the residents are trying to find some sort of normality.

But things are clearly still brewing for some of the village residents.

Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Mackenzie Boyd is on tenterhooks as he becomes increasingly worried that his secret affair with Chloe Harris will come to light.

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Despite this, Chloe has another secret that she's hiding which is bound to rock Mackenzie and Charity Dingle's relationship.

Elsewhere, Chas Dingle is trying to ensure that her own affair with Al Chapman doesn't become village news and tells her son Aaron not to tell her husband Paddy.

Meanwhile the villagers attempt to clear up the wreckage from the storm but will Bernice Blackstock rub Bob Hope the wrong way in the process?

Mack affair 'exposed'

Feeling alone while also secretly pregnant, Chloe is out on a limb.

But as she comes to terms with what's going on, Mackenzie is terrified his secret fling is going to come tumbling out when he sees Chloe and Charity talking in the Woolpack.

However Kerry is left frustrated by Chloe’s insistence on holding Mackenzie responsible for his actions due to the fact that he dumped her shortly after their one night stand.

As Kerry tries to make Chloe see sense, she's totally unaware she is expecting.

Before long Kerry’s left feeling heartbroken when Chloe decides to move away to Leeds, leaving the village for good.

In a fit of desperation, Kerry tries her best to get Chloe to stay, but can she do enough?

Later on, Kerry is stunned when Chloe reveals she’s pregnant and the real reason why she wants to leave.

Chas heartache

Chas is becoming increasingly worried Aaron will spill the beans regarding her secret affair. But after being urged by Paddy to hash things out with Chas, Aaron reluctantly agrees to do so.

When Aaron accuses his mother of still seeing Al, Chas vehemently denies and emotionally blackmails Aaron into backing down.

And soon Chas is relieved when she successfully edges Aaron towards deciding to leave the village so that her affair will be unspoken of.

Later on, Chas covers when Paddy expresses sadness at the news Aaron will be departing from the village so soon. But with things not adding up, Paddy begins to worry.

Meanwhile, Al tries his best to slow down Kerry’s desire to move their relationship forward and progress with their wedding plans.

When they find some time alone, Al assures Chas they’ll run away together soon, leaving their friends and family behind.

Storm aftermath

The horrendous storm that swept over Emmerdale left the tranquil village in ruins while it also took lives along with it.

Trying to clear up the wreckage from the storm, Bernice decides to organise a group to deal with the storm damage – a village clear up.

But her deputy Bob quickly feels put upon.

Bob’s resentment towards bossy Bernice begins to build as the village clear up continues. Bernice is thriving and her element as she takes charge of the operation but can Bob try to knock her off her perch.


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