Emmerdale viewers brand Gabby ‘desperate’ after trying to ‘seduce’ Nicky
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    Emmerdale viewers were left cringing when Gabby Thomas continued flirting with newcomer Nicky despite him turning her down previously.

    The pair were once again alone together when she walked in on Nicky whipping his jumper off due to the heating being up too high – and she made it obvious she liked what she saw.

    Gabby then deployed a classic move as she bent over in front of Nicky to pick up a stuffed toy he had missed when tidying up, giving him an eyeful of her bum in a pair of super-tight trousers in the process.

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    Viewers of the hit ITV soap however were not impressed by the sultry move and took to Twitter to air their views on Gabby's further attempts at seducing Nicky.

    One wrote: "Gabby put your tongue away you're coming across as a tad desperate."

    Another added: "For somebody so young, Gabby ain’t half desperate."

    A third fan of the show posted: "Gabby is so desperate it’s cringy."

    Later in the show, Nicky opens up to Gabby further admitting that he does "like" her and sees her as "kind and funny" but he sticks by his principles that he won't "date his boss."

    At first Gabby tries to change his mind by responding that technically "Kim is your boss," however when Nicky persists she takes the chat seriously and then promises that she will be "nothing but professional from now on."

    The move comes after Gabby tried to kiss Nicky earlier this month – but the nanny rebuffed her advances giving their business relationship as the reason why he couldn't take things further.

    Since his arrival in the Dales viewers have been suspicious of Nickey's nice guy exterior thinking the character is too good to be true.

    Viewers have their own theories about who the adorable manny really is – with many suspecting he could be about to cause harm to baby Kyle, or that he may even be Gabby's long lost brother.

    Even actor Lewis Cope, who joined the cast late last year as Nicky, has teased that his character might not be quite who he says he is.

    Speaking to Daily Star and other press, he explained: "Nicky is a great character. He's very relatable and likeable and I'm just having fun with him.

    "I think straight away, even from the first interview, there's some sort of connection there between Nicky and Gabby."

    He added: "At the moment, Nicky is a lovely person and there's nothing to say that he's not. But he's almost too good to be true… you'll have to wait and see."

    Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm

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