Emmerdale’s Rebecca Sarker shows off toned abs as she soaks up sun after workout

Emmerdale actress Rebecca Sarker has shown off her toned abs as she soaked up some sunshine after a gruelling workout.

The actress is best known for playing resident GP Manpreet Sharma in the ITV soap, but away from her role on screen, she often shares her workouts on social media with her followers.

Taking to her Instagram story on Wednesday, 27 September, Rebecca shared a selfie of her lying in the garden, making the most of the sunshine in a black gym bra and a pair of sunglasses.

She had just finished a workout and relaxed on a sun lounger next to a set of football goals in her garden.

Rebecca kept her long dark hair down for the selfie, as she wrote: "Post workout/ pre-work chill. Can't let go of summer!"

It has been a tough time for Rebecca's character Manpreet as she has been dealing with the deaths of Rishi Sharma and Victor Anderson just weeks apart.

Her ex-partner Rishi died in July after collapsing down the stairs after a disagreement with his son Jai Sharma.

Rishi missed Jai's wedding day, and he was found the next day, much to the shock of his loved ones.

Manpreet and Rishi may have split in 2021, but they remained close friends and often spent time together.

Therefore his death rocked Manpreet, but she tried to remain strong to support Jai and the rest of the Sharma family.

Just a few weeks later, her partner Charles Anderson lost his father when he died in the church following a row at home over a necklace.

Victor had only been back in Charles' life for a short period of time, after spending a stretch in prison, but the pair didn't see eye to eye, and tensions had been rising prior to his passing.

Charles struggled to welcome Victor into the family, and they both tried to make one another's lives as uncomfortable as possible.

Just hours before he died, Charles had framed Victor by placing Manpreet's necklace in his pocket, leading to the police being called.

Charles confided in Manpreet about his actions, but he has struggled with the guilt ever since, knowing that the stress he caused killed his own dad.

Manpreet has since encouraged him to own up to his actions.

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