Ex Coronation Street actor Sean Ward sparks fury telling fans not to have Covid vaccine

EX Coronation Street star Sean Ward has sparked anger after telling fans not to have the Covid vaccine in a rambling foul-mouthed video.

Sean, 32, made his nonsensical argument about the jab in a highly-charged Instagram Stories post.

He told his followers that they would become "super-spreaders" if they have the vaccine and demanded people "stop" having it.

Sean ranted: "Morning guys, this is just your daily reminder that Covid-19 has an effective survival rate of 99.96 per cent if you are age 0 to 60 with or without an underlying health condition,

"The vaccine has 95. The Johnson & Johnson has 81. So you're taking the medicine that isputting you more at risk from dying to Covid and you don't see the problem here [sic].

"Stop. Stop with the vaccine. The more you have the vaccine, the closer we are to them coming to vaccinate the kids.

"Don't take a medicine that is going to give you a less than effective chance to beat the virus. Come on. Common sense."

The Covid vaccine is key to getting life back to normal both for Brits and the rest of the worldwide population.

It will mean football fans will be able to return to stadiums, pubs and nightclubs can fully re-open and people can go on holiday again.

But Sean continued: "Me as an asymptomatic person gets f***ing s**t flung at them. I lost over a couple of thousand followers because I'm asymptomatic and could now spread it.

"So if you take the vaccine, you get low to no symptoms. Low to no symptoms, that's what a vaccine does. It doesn't stop transmission, so you can still pass it onto someone, but you're going to have low to no symptoms.

"Which I'm sorry, makes you asymptomatic. It turns YOU into a super-spreaders. And we're the f***ing nut jobs. The vaccine is not safe. Stop."

Sean's rant just days comes after he was slammed by fans for boasting that he'd attended an anti-lockdown protest in London.

The Our Girl star was one of thousands of mask-less demonstrators who took to Hyde Park yesterday to rally against coronavirus lockdown rules.

One sickened follower wrote: "I am unfollowing you, I've been here since Our Girl started and I've stayed because everyone is entitled to their own opinions but promoting this is a step too far for me.

"My friend's husband is currently fighting for his life and all these people who won't vaccinate and protest are just spreaders. Shame on you all."

Another chimed in: "We are in lockdown!! Wtf! Ridiculous. Irresponsible. What a k**b. How to ruin your 'career'."

Sean starred in Corrie as Callum Logan from 2014 to 2015. He is also known for his role as Fingers in the BBC's Our Girl, but his character was killed off last year.

Meanwhile, more the 28million Brits have already received the Covid vaccination in a bid to beat the deadly pandemic.

The impressive progress has put the UK as one of the global frontrunners when it comes to the jab.

Call to arms – how MPs, celebs and big businesses backed our campaign

A HOST of celebs and politicians threw their weight behind Jabs Army as they praised kind-hearted Sun readers who signed up.

Their calls were led by Boris Johnson, who begged for volunteers to help 'return the country to normal life'.

The PM wrote personally to our readers, saying: "The Sun’s Jabs Army campaign is a brilliant example of the power of collective action.

"It has already inspired companies and workplaces up and down the country to join the call to arms.

"So today, I call on everyone who has the time to join the legions of volunteers already signed up and to boost volunteer numbers further still."

Jeremy Clarkson urged Brits to get off the sofa and sign up to beat the lockdown blues.

He said: “Everyone is saying how bored they are. They’ve watched Netflix, gone through everything on the internet, read Google.

“Well let’s not be bored — let’s get off our bottoms and volunteer.”

His call was backed by a string of other celebs – including the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, who hailed our campaign as “fantastic”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock saluted Jabs Army as he addressed the nation in a No10 press briefing.

He said: "Come and be a part of it. The Sun’s Jabs Army is marching and helping the nation.”

GMB host Piers Morgan branded the campaign as "excellent".

While celebrities like Bear Grylls, Gordon Ramsay and Bake Off's Matt Lucas have also thrown their support behind the campaign.

The Government has now set the Herculean task of giving ALL adults a first dose by the end of July.

It comes after figures showed a single dose of a coronavirus vaccine can reportedly give 90 per cent protection from the disease. As a result, the vaccines are slashing hospitalisations.

The Sun is standing behind the Government and, earlier this year, launched our hugely successful Jabs Army campaign in a bid to help.


TO register interest, visit nhsvolunteerresponders.org.uk/nextinline.

You will be contacted as soon as a suitable volunteer role becomes available in your area.

Other roles available may include Patient Transport, Community Response (shopping and medicine delivery), NHS Transport, Check in and Chat.

  • Register at: nhsvolunteerresponders.org.uk/nextinline

A whopping 50,000 Brits signed up as a volunteers to help at vaccination centres as a result of the campaign and it has been backed by a huge number of high profile celebs.

These include David and Victoria Beckham, Amanda Holden, Bear Grylls, Jeremy Clarkson, Matt Lucas and Peter Andre and his doctor wife Emily.

Most recently, England ace Harry Maguire saluted NHS staff and The Sun’s Jabs Army, insisting: “They are the real heroes."

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