Father Brown’s star details ‘horrendous’ day on set

Father Brown: Trailer for series nine

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The latest instalment of the BBC series saw a famous celebrity florist revisiting their birthplace of Kembleford. However, murder was around the corner with Father Brown (played by Mark Williams) quickly solving the case with the help of Sergeant Goodfellow (John Burton). John recently touched on the “horrendous” day they encountered during filming last summer.

John has starred in the much-loved series since 2014 and recently opened up on a bad day he faced whilst filming in his police officer uniform.

He explained: “It really is hard. I’ve been in scenes over the years when it’s been so hot, and there’s been no shade.

“I think the worst one for me was back in series five. We were shooting the Christmas episode with all the snow everywhere.

“And I had got a hat, gloves, scarf, and big coat on, and it was the hottest day of the year.

“28 degrees. I’ve got a picture of all the crew in shorts, eating ice creams, and I’ve got all this stuff on. It was just horrendous!”

John also opened up as to why he thought Sergeant Goodfellow was such a hit with viewers, admitting: “He’s endearing, and he’s a good fellow.

“There is a brilliant line that we actually use this year where one of the characters says, ‘Run along now and be a good fellow.’

“So that’s a nice little nod to my character. I think he’s also popular because he’s just a middle-of-the-road guy. He hasn’t got any agendas or anything.”

It isn’t just John who has suffered a bad day on set, as Father Brown star Mark Williams recently admitted he fell over while riding a bicycle.

He recently told Express.co.uk: “The car chases were very good. But I get car envy because I only have a bike.

“With riding a bike, gravel is your enemy. I went to cycle in gravel and it got deeper at one point. We were using this hotel as part of the scene and I thought I would cycle out of the shot.

“But, I ploughed into nine inches of gravel and just came to a stop and toppled sideways and fell over in the grass on the gravel!”

Before the series returned, a publicity shot from the new episodes was released showing Father Ted alongside many fan favourites.

However, fans noticed Bunty Windermere, Bridgette McCarthy, and Inspector Mallory were missing.

Worried about their absence and fearing the worst, many fans took to their social media accounts to express their thoughts.

However, John quickly shut down any absence rumours and wrote on his Twitter: “I’ve had lots (and I mean lots) of messages about the new publicity shot which shows certain characters missing from it, and I thought I’d explain in a bit more detail.

“Occasionally long running shows need to be refreshed due to artist’s availability, so it means we do have some absentees this year, with a few long-term artists moving onto other projects for their own career progression.

“This is part of an actor’s life, and we must go where the work takes us. Yes, there are some changes – but they are brilliant changes.

“And I truly believe you will absolutely LOVE the new/returning characters. They will grow on you and they have truly breathed new life into the show.”

He added they were saying goodbye to Chief Inspector Sullivan, Lady Felicia and Flambeau, but followed with the news of a new character, Mrs Devine, joining the show.

Father Brown Father Brown airs Friday from 1.45pm on BBC One.

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