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SUKI Panesar's worst fear will be turned into a reality as the police find a body thought to be Ranveer Gulati.

Meanwhile, Nina Gupta and Ravi Gulati are doing all they can to cover their tracks. Get the lowdown on the EastEnders drama.

1. Ranveer is found dead

Ravi Gulati (portrayed by Aaron Thiara) killed Ranveer after he had tried to rape Suki (Balvinder Sopal) and let the businesswoman believe she was actually responsible for the death.

Since then, Suki has been trying to get back to a normal life and forget all about Ranveer.

Coming up on BBC One, she first ignores her love interest Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) and berates Ravi for his fight with Kheerat (Jaz Deol) in the Vic.

But Ravi then drops a huge bombshell on Suki by telling her Nina Gupta (Hersha Verity) has reported Ranveer missing in previous scenes of the soap.

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Both Ravi and Nina have been conspiring to try and get their hands on Ranveer's money and become worried that Suki may ruin their plans.

However, the police soon arrive with some horrific news – a body has been found in Walford and they believe it could be Ranveer.

2. Suki is questioned by the police

Ravi later reveals to Suki and her estranged husband Nish (Navin Chowdhry) that the police have found Ranveer's body and the case is being classed as a murder.

News gets around Albert Square quickly as Suki discloses that Ranveer was found dead when bumping into Eve.

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Meanwhile, Nina is mortified, fretting to Ravi about becoming a suspect in Ranveer's murder.

But Nina may not be in trouble at all as a surprising suspect later emerges.

Suki receives a message from the police wanting to speak to her about Ranveer's murder.

Ravi gets a similar call, which is overheard by Kheerat and Nish.

3. Lola makes a tough decision

Meanwhile, Lola Pearce's exit storyline continues as viewers get ready to wave Danielle Harold goodbye.

Coming up, after her diagnosis, Lola decides to undergo an operation in an attempt to get rid of her tumour.

The doctor explains the brain tumour operation to a hopeful Lola.

Meanwhile, her partner Jay – with whom she rekindled her romance – remains affected by it all.

The funeral parlour manager portrayed by Jamie Borthwick was present during Lola's seizure and diagnosis but finds it hard to watch the woman he loves face death.

An optimistic Lola keeps up a brave front for her daughter Lexi and the pair plan for next year's Halloween celebrations.

But Jay is drowning under the pressure of Lola's illness and things quickly escalate.

In later scenes, Ben Mitchell (played by Max Bowden) watches as Jay engages in a brutal altercation with Ravi Gulati.

The mechanic comes to the realisation Jay needs help.

While Lola is concerned with the after effects of her surgery, Ben, Mitch Baker and Harvey Monroe all step in to help Jay at the funeral parlour.

This allows Jay to remain strong for Lola and focus on their time together.

However, Lola sees right through him and knows how hard her predicament must be for him.

The pair share a loving moment before Lola is taken to surgery.

Jay refuses to go home and receives the support of his former foster father Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) who waits for Lola's surgery to end with him.


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4. Jean is heartbroken

With their failed engagement and marriage still on her mind, Jean Slater has tried to keep her chin up and focus on her well-being.

The cleaner played by Gillian Wright was once ready to tie the knot with the cabbie (portrayed by Ross Boatman) during a manic episode.

Things took a turn when she wandered off to Southend alone and almost drowned before being saved by her daughter Stacey.

Since then, Jean has kept her distance from Harvey, going as far as to avoid him altogether upon returning to Albert Square.

elieving it's time for him to turn a leaf, Mitch Baker, Dotty Cotton and Freddie Slater encourage him to join a dating app.

But when Jean finds out that Harvey's been recommended to get back in the dating scene, she feels jealous.

Later on, her jealousy turns into sadness as she gets wind of Harvey's developing love life.

Instead of admitting she is still harbouring feelings for the driver, Jean bottles everything up.

She tries her hardest to deny her own feelingsfor Harvey.

Unfortunately for her, reality catches up quickly when Jean overhears Mitch, Rocky and Harvey discussing Sophia.

Jean finds out Sophia is none other than Harvey's dating app match.

Could she come clean about her feelings?

5. Mick returns with shock news

In recent scenes of the London-based drama, Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) decided to Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) away from Albert Square to meet his two sons, Johnny and Lee Carter.

Janine was on cloud nine to see her partner take their romance seriously, particularly after finding out she was pregnant.

This week, there's a bombshell waiting to be revealed as Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) prepares for Mick's return.

She mopes to Alfie Moon – who has been helping her out in The Vic during Mick's absence – that she doesn't want to celebrate Halloween due to her memories with Mick.

Alfie brushes off Linda's concerns and organises an event in The Vic.

Later on, Mick and Janine return from their holiday and the landlord is disappointed to see Alfie taking part in the work at his pub.

But with the palpable chemistry he still shares with Linda, Mick soon forgets about Alfie as he connects with her again while discussing his time away.

When they almost share a moment, Janine makes it clear her relationship with Mick is getting more serious with a surprise announcement.

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