Four in a Bed viewers rage couple 'shouldn't be allowed to compete' – and call out big change to show | The Sun

FOUR in a Bed viewers complain that a couple "shouldn't be allowed to compete" on the show.

Wednesday's episode of the Channel 4 series saw Lou and Stu present their Great Yarmouth beach lodge home.

Fans complained that because the lodging is self-catering, they shouldn't receive points for the food category from the visitors.

It was explained to the other couples, that the lodges they would be staying in would cost £115 per night with a three-night minimum stay.

But Lou and Stu promptly informed their visitors that breakfast was not included in the fee and that they could either use the lodge's kitchen to prepare their own meals or visit a nearby café.

And if things couldn't get worse for the visitors, they also realised there was a lack of toiletries inside the place.

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They questioned the reason for the high pricing if guests had to pay for both food and amenities separately.

Viewers were quick to criticise Lou and Stu for not providing breakfast because each property was evaluated based on a number of criteria, including how guests found their meal.

Taking to Twitter one wrote: "This couple aren't even providing breakfast and they're charging so much?!"

Another added: "Sorry but if you are not serving breakfast you shouldn't be allowed on the show. Simple."

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A third raged: "That is pathetic! They're not even serving guests breakfast. Not acceptable. They shouldn't get any points"

A fourth fumed: "Why are they even allowed to compete? They are not even offering breakfast. Stupid."

In the episode, the dissatisfied visitors decided to go to a nearby café and complain about the lack of breakfast.

But when it came down to scoring, it seemed that some visitors weren't too disheartened by this.

One pair gave the couple a decent score of 8.

Despite this, two couples admitted they wouldn't return because of the poor amenities given the expensive cost of the stay.

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