Gethin Jones snaps ‘can’t say that’ as guest swears on Morning Live

Morning Live: Gethin apologises after Doctor Oscar Duke swears

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The host was reminded of this on Wednesday’s Morning Live as a guest on the BBC chat show casually dropped a swear word into conversation, and Gethin had to step in to remind the doctor he “can’t say that,” before apologising to viewers. He later made another swipe at the guest, asking him to “wash his mouth out”

“Doctor Oscar, [Duke], you’re going to talk us through some of the health headlines that we’ve seen this week,” co-presenter Sam Quek explained.

“To sort fact from fiction. So first up, junk food is as harmful as cigarettes… I mean that’s quite shocking.”

Oscar explained ultra-processed foods have an addictive nature like cigarettes and alcohol, before confessing he recently ate four doughnuts in one sitting.

Moving onto the next topic, Gethin commented: “You like a doughnut for your travel snack but we know you go home and just like Gwen from Gavin and Stacey, you love an omelette, don’t you?”

He continued: “So you put the omelette in a non-stick pan, but are you thinking twice now because of this headline which involves the release of micro-plastics from that pan?”

“Yes, I’ll tell you for why,” Oscar replied in a Welsh accent as a nod to the popular BBC series.

“I think Gregg Wallace and all our friends at MasterChef, they’d be pretty p*****d off if I came over and -“

“Ooh, you can’t say that,” Gethin interrupted. “Apologies for that language, he’s getting carried away!”

He added: “They would be a bit annoyed with you, I think is what you were trying to say, carry on.”

“If I used a metal utensil to scrape off that non-stick surface,” Oscar continued.

“There’s been some research in Australia that’s found that millions of micro-particles are put into food.

“That research though does not say that there’s any particular health impact of that.”

As the segment ended later, Gethin quipped: “In two years of Morning Live this is the most nervous I’ve ever been doing an item.

“Thank you, Doctor Oscar, we’ll let you go and wash your mouth out now.”

A few viewers took to social media to talk about the awkward moment.

Twitter user @daisycatcher wrote: “Love the way he was totally non-plussed that he swore, who cares!  #MorningLive.”

@Rise_and_grind7 added: “They say the word p***** on American tv all the time what’s the big deal #MorningLive.”

@heyyychrissie penned: “I love it when people accidentally swear on daytime tv like what just happened on #MorningLive.

“The reaction from the presenters is hilarious. I’d just tell Gethin to f*** off.”

@likeabilitytoo posted: “#MorningLive Prettty p***** off,” along with laughing emojie.

“The blond guy who’s the Dr. got a bit involved with his subject, junk food I think, and had absolute temerity to say “p****d off” on Morning Live! Oh No! How f***ing terrible!

“He was told off by Gethin Jones. I guess Auntie Beeb will sack him now,” @SestrelB fumed.

Morning Live airs weekdays from 9am on BBC One.

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