Gogglebox viewers praise show for ‘offering normality’ after sad news of Queen

Gogglebox fans have praised the show for offering them a dose of “normality” as the latest series of the popular telly watching show returned on Friday night.

As families across the country continue to mourn Queen Elizabeth II who died on Thursday, many viewers at home have been left feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of sad news about the passing of Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

Many channels had opted to change their schedules to accommodate round the clock news coverage and tribute films of the sad event, but Channel 4 decided to break the mould and offer a respite from the tragic news by continuing to showcase some of it’s scheduled content.

This meant that Gogglebox continued as normal and treated viewers at home to the latest armchair commentaries from the show’s much loved families.

Announcing the decision to continue to air the show, Channel 4 released a statement which read: "Channel 4 exists to offer viewers an alternative and that is particularly important at times like this.

“Gogglebox is a much loved national institution and it will air as planned tonight bringing a valuable sense of continuity for many of our viewers."

The move was largely welcomed by fans of the show, as alongside the usual praise for this week’s telly highlights, many fans took to social media to thank both Gogglebox and Channel 4 for giving them a moment away from the emotionally taxing news currently dominating the media.

“I’m so glad Channel 4 decided to still show Gogglebox tonight. A welcome break. A brief distraction,” wrote one fan before continuing.

“I understand the need for rolling news coverage on other channels. And I’ve been watching a lot of it. But it’s nice to also have the option of something lighter to watch.”

Another fan agreed, writing: “Thank you @Channel4 for putting on Gogglebox we all needed that laugh as a break to all of the sad news we’ve had this last 24 hours.”

The sentiment was also echoed by a third viewer who added: “Really grateful to @Channel4 for broadcasting @C4Gogglebox tonight. As sad as the news is, this is the comfort viewing we all need tonight. Thank #Gogglebox”

Another fan wrote simply: “That was the laugh we all very much needed. Thank you.”

Before one viewer summed up their thoughts by saying: “Not trying to be disrespectful in any way but thank you @Channel4 for giving us this weeks episode of #Gogglebox a chance for the nation to take their minds off the events of the last 24 hours for at least as little while.”

While Gogglebox continued to air on Friday night, not all scheduled programming was able to continue with many TV staples such as This Morning, Loose Women, Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale all being bumped from the schedule.

This year’s National Television Awards have also been postponed, while concern is currently mounting that this year’s Strictly Come Dancing launch show may also be delayed as the country observe’s an official mourning period in the wake of her majesty’s death.


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