Happy Valley fans ‘work out’ Richard Cawood will die after tragic clue

Happy Valley: Lorraine shares first look at thrilling new episode

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As Catherine Cawood (played by Sarah Lancashire) prepares for retirement from the police before cracking one last case, Happy Valley fans are concerned the protagonist might not make it out of series three alive. However, eagle-eyed viewers have theorised it could in fact be Catherine’s ex, Richard Cawood (Derek Riddell), who is killed in the popular BBC drama.

Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) managed to escape prison in the latest episode thanks to the notorious Knezevices helping him flee from court.

As Tommy had protected the “untouchable” villains during questioning about a corpse found in a reservoir, the criminals helped him escape.

The dangerous men have been referenced throughout the series and are involved in drugs and people trafficking in Halifax.

Reporter Richard began looking into them further in recent episodes, leading fans to predict he could be the crime lords’ next victim.

Taking to Reddit, one fan proposed what might happen to the character.

u/s-t-e-l-l-a-r wrote: “I’m guessing Richard is going to die or be seriously harmed.

“I have a few reasons for this theory that are all rooted in foreshadowing: the MAJOR sound cue when Richard first announced he was looking into the Knezevics.

“It was such a huge sound and very threatening. It was completely in its own league compared to other sound cues.

“The other more minor sound cues when he has mentioned looking into them. They are small echoes of the first major cue.

“Catherine’s warnings he needs to be careful… from a writing perspective, the warnings feel suitably small/toned down, and from a character perspective I think one could make a case Richard doesn’t FULLY grasp the warnings.

“The fact a few times now Catherine has walked off or hung up when Richard has still been trying to speak to her… my suspicion is that these are moments designed to arouse sympathy/feelings in watchers when they rewatch and see missed moments between the two of them, and to make Catherine feel guilty for taking Richard for granted.”

The theory is plausible, with the extent of the brothers’ violence and danger highlighted in recent scenes while Richard looks into the criminal duo.


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Replying to the post, Material_Mousse_1242 pointed out: “Yes! I completely agree.

“The scene where he apologies to Cathrine for not being there after Becky’s death made me think that it was some sort of closure to wrap things up.”

Richard and Catherine went their separate ways as they dealt with their daughter’s death in different ways, with Richard leaving Catherine to raise Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah) alone, refusing to be a part of his life because he had been the result of his daughter being raped by Tommy.

He recently addressed this in a scene with Catherine, apologising for not being there to support her.

Could the clues suggest Richard, rather than Catherine, might be killed by the ruthless gang?

He was present at the court case in which the brothers helped Tommy escape, and if he makes the link, he might decide to go after the group, feeling a personal connection to the case.

Series three is close to wrapping up, and after last week’s intense and jaw-dropping episode, it seems something shocking will come next.

Have fans correctly predicted Richard’s fate?

Happy Valley continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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