Has Martin Fowler left EastEnders with Stacey?

It’s all been kicking off on EastEnders as per usual, with Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) clubbing Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) across the head with a wrench and leaving him very much worse for wear.

With Lacey Turner having already departed the soap for her maternity leave, her exit was inevitable.

Now that she’s gone on the run, has her husband Martin (James Bye) gone with her?

Has Martin left EastEnders with Stacey?

Yes, Martin has left Walford with his wife, but we can confirm that he won’t be gone the whole time that Lacey is on leave.

In the run up to their departure, Stacey and Martin have been having some problems, with Martin questioning Stacey’s feelings for her ex Max Branning (Jake Wood).

Even though she’s maintained that she only sees him as a friend, Stacey’s behaviour towards her friend Ruby (Louisa Lytton), who is Max’s new flame, tells a different story, and Martin hasn’t been blind to it.

On top of that, Stacey attacked Phil with a wrench in an attempt to defend her husband, whom Phil was throttling in a blind rage.

Now, because of the attack, both she and Martin have gone on the run.

Will Phil ever wake from his coma? Will Stacey end up doing time for this assault, even though she was trying to save her husband?

Only time will tell…

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