Here’s the lowdown on streaming House of the Dragon episode 6

House of the Dragon: Season 1 Episode 6 Preview

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Consisting of 10 episodes, House of the Dragon will be airing weekly rather than dropping as a boxset. The drama takes place 200 years before HBO’s widely successful Game of Thrones with the show focusing on the intricacies and politicking within the Targaryen dynasty for the Iron Throne. There are a number of ways you can watch the forthcoming episode of House of the Dragon online.

How to watch House of the Dragon episode 6 online

Episode six is called The Princess and the Queen and takes place 10 years after the events of the last instalment.

The Princess and the Queen will see a major cast overhaul with Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke replacing Milly Alcock and Emily Carey as Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower respectively.

Also, joining the cast will be John MacMillan as an adult Laenor Velaryon and Nanna Blondell as his sister Laena.

Each episode of House of the Dragon is simulcast around the world, so fans across the globe will be able to watch it at exactly the same time regardless of where they are geographically.

In the UK

In the UK, episode six of House of the Dragon will be airing on Sky Atlantic on Monday, September 26 at 2am British Summer Times (BST) and then repeated later at 9pm.

If you have a Sky subscription, you can watch via Sky Go, the broadcaster’s streaming service which allows you to live stream, watch on demand, or just catch up.

Sky Go allows you to watch content from your Sky package on various devices, such as your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

This means, you can either live stream the episodes when they air on Sky Atlantic or watch via catch-up on the service.

Packages for Sky TV start from £26 per month and you will need one of these in order to access Sky Go.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to streaming service NOW and purchase an Entertainment Membership for £9.99 monthly which will grant access to House of the Dragon, along with many others titles across Sky Atlantic, Sky Witness. alibi, Sky Comedy, MTV, and many others.

NOW can be used on a range of devices including smartphones, computers and smart TVs as well as tablets.

Again, you can either live stream House of the Dragon at 2am as part of the global simulcast or catch up with the episode at a time to suit you once the initial broadcast has occurred.

In the US

In America, HBO will show the episode on Sunday, September 25 at 9pm Eastern Standard Time and you can stream it via their platform HBO Max which costs $14.99 on a monthly basis.

You can live stream the episode or watch on catch up on different portable devices at a time to suit you.

The rest of the world

HBO Max is also available in various other countries across the world including Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark and you can stream the episode on this platform if you are in these regions.

In Canada, you need to be a subscriber to the streaming platform Crave which shows House of the Dragon, along with other HBO programming and content from Showtime and Starz.

Much like the UK, Italy watches House of the Dragon via Sky Italia and you can stream the show via their Sky Go equivalent.

In the Middle East, the episode will be aired on local broadcaster OSN and you can stream the episode using OSN+.

Israel’s Cellcom is the place to watch House of the Dragon and they have a streaming service as well.

In Japan, the episode will be available on HBO Asia and you can stream the instalment via HBO Go, which has been replaced in other regions across the world with HBO Max.

In Australia, House of the Dragon is shown on Foxtel but you can stream via the platform BINGE.

Finally, New Zealand shows House of the Dragon episodes on SoHo, which is available on Sky New Zealand and broadcasts a lot of American cable network shows.

Just like in the UK and Italy, you can stream using Sky Go to watch House of the Dragon in New Zealand.

House of the Dragon airs on HBO on Sundays and Sky Atlantic on Mondays and streams on NOW

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