Hollyoaks kills one of soap's biggest ever characters in bonkers death scene

Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) has terrorised Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) and her family for the last time in Hollyoaks, as Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) put an end to the serial killer once and for all.

The iconic villain, who has popped up on many an occasion over the past decade, returned to the eponymous village earlier this month to carry out his final revenge and to get his hands on grandson Bobby.

His first port of call was nemesis Mercedes, who he drugged, kidnapped and held hostage in his evil lair, alongside Olivia Bradshaw (Emily Burnett), who he had hoped would assist him in his sick plot.

Olivia initially agreed to do so, but she soon reconsidered, returning to Silas’ hideout to free Mercedes, but her plan backfired as Silas imprisoned her alongside the former landlady.

Mercedes momentarily secured her freedom, but having learned that Olivia had contemplated surrendering Bobby to the killer, she left her alone to fend for herself.

Silas, meanwhile, gave chase and succeeded in trapping Mercy once more, as he forced her to watch live footage from the escape room in the village, where he’d trapped Goldie (Chelsee Healey) and Theresa (Jorgie Porter), forcing them to choose which of them dies.

Theresa ultimately chose Goldie, who managed to make her way to safety before the escape room exploded into smithereens. Theresa, however, managed to survive the blast, much to Silas’ horror, after she obtained shelter in the treasure chest nearby.

Silas, intent on completing his plan, kidnapped Bobby, and lured Goldie and John Paul (James Sutton) to the folly, where he revealed his grande finale – his pièce de résistance, if you will.

An electrified chessboard.

Mercedes, having become something of a chess expert after playing with Bobby over the years, was able to play along nicely, much to Silas’ shock.

Things, however, became really interesting when the electricity short-circuited, allowing Mercedes the opportunity to take back control as she punched Silas, knocking him out.

The killer soon regained consciousness, and in shocking scenes Bobby told Mercedes that he wanted to go with his granddad, branding the entire McQueen clan the enemy.

Mercedes, of course, fought for her son, pleading with Bobby to come home with her where he belongs, leaving Silas with a golden opportunity to meddle, as he told her that her beloved son deliberately left Sylver McQueen (David Tag) to die.

The revelation stunned Mercedes to her core, but despite everything, she continued to fight for Bobby, which led the little lad to realise that he belonged with his mum as he embraced her, choosing her over his granddad.

Silas attempted to get the upper hand once more, but Mercedes yet again pummelled him to the floor, knocking him out for a second time.

As Mercedes telephoned to find out if her family were safe and sound, Bobby took hold of Silas’ belongings, but as he left the folly, Silas grabbed him by the leg, before telling him a story about his childhood.

Mercedes realised her son was in grave danger and re-entered the folly, but she was left in complete and utter shock by what came next.

Bobby – having realised that the electricity was back on – took great glee in pushing Silas onto the electrified chess board, killing the murderer instantly, thus ending his reign of terror.

Silas made his Hollyoaks debut in 2010 and has appeared sporadically ever since, often popping up for short stints here and there.

With the events of tonight’s episode having proving fatal for the killer, however, it’s likely that we have now truly seen the last of him.

Hollyoaks continues Thursday September 29 at 7pm on E4, or stream the next episode from midnight on All4.

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