Hollyoaks spoiler: Cindy agrees to some expensive treatment

Cindy wants to come home. Mac gets Alfie on board in convincing Cindy to admit herself into a private clinic.

Mac tells Cindy that they’ll pay for the clinic by re-mortgaging her house. She signs some papers under Mac’s supervision.

Meanwhile, Romeo wants his mum to come clean about switching Cindy’s medication, but he agrees to stay quiet so Juliet can finally have a proper Christmas.

Elsewhere, Prince has an ultrasound appointment today, but he lies to Lily and tells her it’s his mum’s court hearing.

Also today, Liam tells Lisa to pick one of his dad’s contacts to make a deal with. He’s furious to discover she’s bought crates of dodgy vodka instead of drugs, and stored them all in the The Loft.

Writer: Richard Burke

Director: Jamie Annett

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