How long do Love is Blind contestants actually spend in the pods?

Binge-watching Love Is Blind is a guilty pleasure for many, but understanding the timeline of the experiment can be confusing.

With many contestants declaring their love for eachother seemingly within a few days, how long are the participants truly in the pods? Are they chatting for days, weeks, or even months? Fortunately, a former contestant has provided some clarity regarding the show's timeline.

As Love Is Blind season five rolls out in segments, the ultimate fate of the couples remains unknown. Currently, three pairs have progressed from the pods to embark on their honeymoons. But just how well do they know each other?

Kelly Chase, a contestant from season one, took to TikTok to demystify the process. According to her, the cast engages in a sort of "speed dating" within the pods, lasting between eight and nine days before the pivotal proposals.

She elaborated, saying: "As you’re getting closer to day eight or nine, you’re eliminating people you’re not having a connection with. And you get down to your top three. Then everyone gets engaged on that one day.

“The next day is the big reveal, and the couples separate and go back through their own door. You meet your partner for 15 minutes—the person you just got engaged to—and then you don’t see them again for a few days. It’s crazy."

Following this whirlwind engagement, the couples jet off on a week-long honeymoon before moving into each other's apartments.

Then, four weeks later, they must make the ultimate decision: to declare their love officially at their wedding or to part ways at the altar.

Lexie Skipper, another season one participant, offered further insight into the dating pods in an interview with Cosmopolitan UK. She explained that on the first day in the pods, each contestant went on 15 dates, with every woman dating every man and vice versa.

"It’s the most dates I’ve ever been on in my life!" she exclaimed. "We were essentially speed dating—every meeting lasted for seven minutes. And then at the end of the day, everybody ranked their dates from 1 to 15.

“Each day from there, the number of dates you went on would decrease, and the length of those dates would increase, as producers knocked people off the bottom of each other’s lists.”

Lexie described how producers would match up each contestant’s priority list with the others in order to find out who was ranking high on who’s lists.

She added that by the end the contestants would’ve spent hours chatting to just a select few people, sometimes well into the night. Then, on day 10, it was time for the proposals.

So, there you have it—the fascinating timeline behind Love Is Blind unveiled by those who've experienced it firsthand. The show's format, a concoction of speed dating, intense bonding, and the anticipation of life-changing decisions, undoubtedly keeps viewers hooked.

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