The Summer I Turned Pretty: Official Amazon Prime teaser trailer

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Jenny Han’s beloved Summer series has been brought to life by Amazon Prime Video with the streamer adapting the first of the trilogy: The Summer I Turned Pretty. The New York Times bestselling author has already found success after Netflix turned her To All the Boys I Loved novels into a series of films starring Lana Condor. Amazon appears to be following suit with its streaming rival Netflix with The Summer I Turned Pretty now proving popular with viewers and in the top 10 shows on the platform.

How many episodes are in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

The Summer I Turned Pretty follows Isabel ‘Belly’ Conklin (played by Lola Tung) who suddenly finds herself gaining attention from her longtime crush Conrad Fisher (Christopher Briney) after turning 16.

However, she also finds herself unexpectedly becoming the object of Jeremiah Fisher’s (Gavin Casalegno) affections, Conrad’s younger brother.

Belly has to navigate her feelings for both Conrad and Jeremiah with the teen trying to make a decision about which one she dates after being friends with both boys for so long.

There is a total of seven episodes of The Summer I Turned Pretty, which landed in one go on June 17 for global audiences to binge.

Here is a list of episode titles from The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1:

  • Episode 1. Summer House
  • Episode 2. Summer Dress
  • Episode 3. Summer Nights
  • Episode 4. Summer Heat
  • Episode 5. Simmer Catch
  • Episode 6. Summer Tides
  • Episode 7. Summer Love

WARNING: This section contains spoilers from The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1

The first outing ended with Conrad lying about his feelings for Belly, so she could be with his brother Jeremiah.

Additionally, the siblings have a falling out after it transpires Conrad kept his mother’s cancer diagnosis from Jeremiah.

The Summer I Turned Pretty has proved to be so popular, Amazon renewed the drama for a second outing even before season one hit screens.

Season two is going to be adapted from the corresponding novel It’s Not Summer Without You (2010), which will have a different feel from the first series.

The sophomore run is expect to have a similar number of episodes with the entire run coming to the streamer in one go – like it’s predecessor.

Belly will be heading back to Cousins Beach one year later as she tries to find out where Conrad has disappeared to.

With Jeremiah’s help, Belly will track down Conrad as they all try to make things right between them.

Author Jenny Han will be heading up season two as co-showrunner with Sarah Kucserka.

Han previously said she knew one season wouldn’t be enough to tell Belly’s story and said getting a recommission so early on was “beyond my wildest dreams”.

In terms of the plot line, she promised fans would be seeing the story leave behind its titular season of summer as the drama progressed.

She told Today there would be “more road to hoe” in the second outing with Belly’s world becoming a “bit bigger”.

Speaking about their hopes for the next outing, lead star Tung said: “There are many, many special moments from the book and I’m very excited to see the trajectory of Belly’s relationship with both of the boys and with everyone in her life because she can only continue to grow and go on this journey.”

Tung also commented on the last scene from season one, telling E!: “This is not the end of the story, it’s only the beginning. I hope you’re all ready for the rest of Belly’s journey.”

While actor Briney said: “We haven’t got the scripts but I’m excited to see is the whole road trip, flashbacks, prom.”

He added: “I want to see Conrad be a jerk at prom. I want to see him be rude. Well, I’m curious to see it unfold.”

Fellow castmate Casalegno said he was also intrigued to see how the book would be translated to screen, including how the divergences from the novel in season one continued.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now

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