How to draught-proof your home for less than £100

Making energy-efficient changes to your home is one of the best ways to cut down on the cost of heating it when temperatures drop.

Replacing windows, upgrading to a more modern boiler, and investing in loft insulation can all help to cut down bills – but these can be costly for homeowners and aren’t even possible for renters.

For those who find themselves unable to make expensive changes, we’ve got tips for draught-proofing your home for less than £100 to help you keep warm this winter.

Brean Horne, a personal finance expert at NerdWallet, has come up with the expert tips, but warns against blocking every draught as this could cause serious damage.

Brean said: ‘It’s a good idea to take these steps now, to ensure when the coldest months come, you’re reaping the benefits and making sure you’re not spending more than you need to on your energy bills.

‘However, as tempting as it can be to block any and all gaps, your property does need a certain level of ventilation to ensure it doesn’t get damp, so make sure you don’t block up vents or airbricks designed to allow air to flow through.

Invest in a draught excluder – under £10

Draught excluders are an incredibly cost-effective way to stop draughts in their tracks and keep heat in.

Simply attach them to the bottom of your doors – both internal and external – and you’ll soon feel the benefit.

If you can’t attach one to the bottom of your door, you can always buy a temporary one that just slides under or sits in front of your door.

Get to grips with foam weatherstripping – under £10

Modern windows and doors are usually more energy efficient than older ones. However replacing a property’s windows and doors can cost upwards of £10,000, depending on the size of your home.

If your windows and doors are letting in a breeze, a quick and cheap solution to block out the cold air is to run foam weatherstripping around the openings, in order to seal any gaps and make the closure tighter.

It’s perfect for homeowners and renters alike, peeling off easily without leaving any residue.

Draught-proofing windows and doors is said to save you up to £60 per year, so it’s worth investing a roll.

You can also use the weatherstripping along skirting boards to plug any gaps.

This is usually for those with hardwood or tiled floors, but can be used anywhere where there’s a gap, such as around fireplace hearths, around loft hatches, and under window sills.

Stop heat escaping with insulating glazing film – under £15

Windows are one of the biggest culprits for homes losing warm air, so it makes sense to focus on these when it comes to draught-proofing.

Insulating glazing film is placed directly on the glass to add another layer of protection.

Similar to weatherstripping, it’s simple to install, usually with a hairdryer, and peels off easily should you not need it anymore. It’s also often clear, so it won’t stop light from coming through.

It’s said that glazing film can increase insulation by up to 30%.

Get a letterbox cover – under £5

Your letterbox could be a big culprit when it comes to draughts.

If you find you’re struggling to keep the area around your door warm – and have tried everything else – popping a cover in front of your letterbox could help reduce the cold air coming in.

They do usually require drilling, so it’s a more permanent solution, but one that’ll help you save cash in the long-run.

Block draughts with a chimney sheep – starting at £20

If you have a fireplace that you don’t use, a chimney sheep can be a cost-effective solution to reduce not only draughts, but also noise from wind and rain.

As well as blocking the draught, they do allow the chimney to breathe, ensuring airflow where needed.

They’re also temporary, so are great for those who may want to use the chimney in the future, or those renting.

Simply pop it up the chimney and leave the pull hanging down (to remind you to remove it should the fireplace come into use once more).

The savings you make mean it could pay for itself in just a year.

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