Im A Celeb fans brand crying Charlene White useless as she quits trial

I'm A Celebrity fans have been left unimpressed as Charlene White confessed she "crumbled" as she screamed "Get Me Out Of Here!" and abandoned the Bushtucker trial ahead of the eviction.

Having been so brave on The Ledge trial on her way into camp with Jill Scott, the Loose Women star, 42, was unable to tackle this test underground and was left visibly upset.

Charlene and Boy George, 61, who previously labelled her "controlling" in the camp, arrived at the trial clearing and Dec asked Charlene why she thought the public had chosen her.

Charlene said: “Probably because this was my worst nightmare… I suspect it involves us being underground…”

Ant explained the trial: “This is Watery Grave. You both need to climb down inside these tombs and work together to release 11 stars. The person in the first tomb will move a magnet to move the stars around the maze and through to the second tomb. The celebrity in there will need to work the stars around their maze until they can be released. Once you get a star, get it in your star bag. Only stars in your star bag at the end of time will count.”

Dec added: “You should expect the unexpected," before sharing: “Either of you can stop the trial at any time by saying ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ however, the trial is over for both of you and you lose the chance to win any further stars.”

Boy George chanted as he went down the ladder saying: “Hello creatures, I come in peace," before adding: “Least we’re going to get a bath.”

Charlene then told the pop icon: “You might have to talk me through this George, help me try and not absolutely freak out.”

She added: “I don’t think I can do this. I’ve just come out of the water as I can’t get in with the eels.”

Water spiders and mud crabs were added to their tombs as Charlene confessed: “I’m not sure I can do this. I can’t even step in the water George, currently.”

Boy George then said: “Calm down babe, you got this," as a panicked Charlene said she was "really trying".

When Ant told her time was ticking, she said firmly: “I know that Anthony!”

Charlene then said: “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! I was trying, I can’t.”

Boy George gave a crying Charlene a hug and said: “It was tough, it was tough.”

Charlene shared: “I was fine up until something else fell on me and I was like, ‘I can’t.’ I think I panicked. I got my head around it and then something else came and I crumbled. I’m really disappointed in myself and disappointed for camp.”

But the camp reacted by giving her a hug and sympathising with her, with Owen Warner, 23, saying in the Bush Telegraph: “Charlene looked devastated. She looked really disappointed in herself. Moments like that are where I love the camp, everyone came together, gave her a hug and made sure she’s alright.”

Sue found Charlene in the shower and hugged her and made her cry again.

Charlene said: “I feel like I’ve let the team down," as Sue shared: “Everyone’s got a limit. We’ve all got limits. We’re not the Mikes in the world, OK. We have other strengths.”

The ITV host then shared she misses her children before explaining why she came on the show. She said: “Just to feel like I can conquer fear and really challenge myself and just be able to get through stuff. If I’m not doing that, what’s the point in me being here?”

Sue replied: “I’d argue, if you look at your first day, what you did before you even got in here, and then if you look at what you were like the first night crying… you’ve conquered everything.”

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts over the scenes as one person wrote: "Why are we surprised, when it was too scary to sleep in a fully furnished caravan #ImACeleb #imacelebrity".

Another said: "Arghhhhh she’s said it and that’s it she will be nominated for everything #imaceleb," alongside six crying with laughter emojis.

While a third added: "“I was fine until something fell on me”…No Charlene, you really weren’t. You were useless. #ImACeleb".


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