I’m A Celeb hit by Ofcom complaints by fans furious over Jordan North’s graphic vomiting scenes

I’M A Celeb has been hit by its first wave of Ofcom complaints this series, The Sun can reveal.

Furious fans have reached out to the telly watchdog over Jordan North’s graphic vomiting scenes last night.

Terrified Jordan, 30, was seen puking into a bush just minutes into the show's launch after he was asked to scale a huge cliff before moving into Gwrych castle.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ, who has a fear of heights, was physically sick and the camera crew dashed after him to catch him mid-flow.

Viewers watched in horror as Jordan vomited out of fear before abseiling down the cliff to retrieve his rucksack – and while some wondered why he signed up to the show others complained to telly watchdog Ofcom over the graphic scenes.

An Ofcom spokesperson told The Sun: "I can confirm that we received 37 complaints in relation to Jordan North vomiting."

Jordan faces more of his fears tonight in The Viper Vault trial with co-star Shane Richie.

He was voted by the public to take on the snake trial and a teaser clip from the show sees him fighting back tears as he says he has "never been so scared in his life".

talkradio presenter Darryl Morris lived with the Radio One DJ for two years and says that Jordan isn’t putting on his fear of heights, lifts or snakes – he really is terrified of everything. 

“Jordan really is scared of pretty much everything,” Darryl tells The Sun.

“On one occasion I scaled a 17 story building via the stairs with him because he wouldn't get in the lift. It's very very very real. I mean he truly truly hates heights and actually, I was worried that people might think that he was putting it on a bit, he was playing up to it, but what you saw with him throwing up straight away – you can't fake that!”

“The thing is though, he's terrified of everything, but he's also very resilient. I think perhaps being terrified of everything for the whole of his life has made him very resilient and he'll throw himself into the trials. He'll have a go, he'll absolutely have a go! He's going to be such good value for that.”

“He loves a challenge,” says Darryl. “He's never been afraid of a challenge. I think that he sees this as being such a great opportunity to get stuck in, to meet new people, to push himself and hopefully maybe overcome some of his fears.

"There's nothing like trapping yourself in a coffin with snakes as a way to get over your claustrophobia and your fear of snakes!”

Darryl Morris is on talkradio Saturday and Sunday mornings, 5am to 7am. 

I’m A Celebrity is on weekday nights, ITV1, 9pm. 

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