I'm A Celebrity in spook shock as ghostly figure is spotted in a window at Gwrych Castle on launch night

I'M A Celebrity's famous campmates appeared to be joined by a creepy ghost inside Gwrych Castle last night.

As the haunted site welcomed its new arrivals for a hellish three week stay, a spectral figure was spotted lingering in one of the castle's windows.

The outline of a dark human figure was caught on camera peering out into the night.

So far the likes of Beverley Callard, Shane Richie and Jessica Plummer haven't fallen victim to paranormal activity.

But it's still early days, and the castle does have a history of spirit sightings.

The Gwrych Castle website says that "real life ghost encounters by visitors to Gwrych Castle are commonplace".

One castle worker said: “A few people have claimed to have seen a floating woman in white.

“Ghost-hunters have also claimed to have felt the presence of her and gamekeepers. We think the Countess might be unhappy as her husband stripped the castle of valuables.

"They certainly didn’t have a happy marriage.”

Some locals also believe that the spirit of a servant girl who died falling off a horse haunts the land.

Others have said ghosts of former caretakers have been seen around the 200-year-old castle, which boasts 250 acres. 

Paranormal investigator Gemma Williams told the Daily Mail that she was "chased by a glowing woman wearing a red dress" when she stayed overnight there.

She said: "My friends and I stood there in absolute shock looking at her.

"She had an old fashioned red dress on, a white shawl going over her arms and curly blonde hair.

"We heard an almighty scream from her, it was really, really loud, which made us run again, it broke the trance. We ran down the front of the castle at full pelt.

"We all got to the bottom and said one by one that we had seen a lady in a red dress. There was no explanation for it at all."

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