ITV I’m A Celeb star says he owes life to Robbie Williams after being given 6 months to live

Darren Day has revealed that Robbie Williams saved his life after he was given just six months to live.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Darren, 55, candidly opened up about his battle with alcohol and drug addiction, and how he credits Robbie, 49, with saving his life.

Speaking to hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid, he revealed that he had relapsed during the first Covid-19 lockdown, after which he broke down to Robbie.

The former I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmate explained: "I relapsed at the beginning of the first lockdown, so I am just coming up to three and half years sober.

"I owe my life to my pal Robbie Williams because I broke down to Rob and he sent me to rehab in South Africa and I was given six months to live.

"I was in an absolute state. I broke down to Rob and he said 'leave everything to me mate' and he saved me, without Rob I would not be on this planet, without a question of a doubt.

"And because he'd been through all of it years before he knew what to do and even now, we Facetimed four nights ago. He's just the most incredible support to me, I owe my life to him."

Robbie has recently opened up about his own struggles with addiction in his Netflix documentary.

The documentary saw Robbie reflect on his early solo career after quitting Take That in 1995, and how he turned to drugs during this time.

"I did have a sense of what I was doing to myself and I didn’t care," he says, looking back at old footage of himself and commenting on his vacant expression.

"There is a sense of, ‘It would be best if I passed away.’ I didn’t care and it would be alright. For me to change I’ve got to be dying."

Robbie spent his 33rd birthday in rehab. "It’s a hospital. It’s not a country club," he explains. "Some people can envision rehab as being like a health retreat. It’s not – you’re surrounded by other people who are completely depressed and have just f**ked up their lives."

"Rehab cut the circuit on the addiction,” explains Robbie. “It gave me the moment to recalibrate and see if I could live."

When Robbie met his now wife Ayda Fields in 2006, he was in the grips of an intense drink and drugs relapse. The pair split before his time in rehab, after which they ended up reuniting and they tied the knot 2010.

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