ITV I’m A Celebrity star demands ITV put stop to ‘public hate train’ against Nella Rose

Charlene White, who starred in last year's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and is a panelist on Loose Women, has had her sister step in to defend Nella Rose.

Carina previously took to social media to defend her sister from the onslaught of social media abuse she received during her time in the jungle and she's asked ITV to put an end to the 'public hate train' against Nella.

Nella, who started off as a fan favourite, had a bit of a row with Fred after he made a comment about being old enough to be her dad.

This didn't sit well with Nella and some viewers have turned against her, calling for her to be voted out. But others have jumped to her defence, reminding everyone that she's had a tough time with losses in her family.

Charlene's sister Carina, who managed Charlene's social media accounts while she was in the jungle last year, has previously dealt with a flood of online abuse.

She shared on Twitter: "I hope whoever is running Nella's social accounts protect their mental health because last year when my cousin and I were running my sister's, the comments were awful.

"I'm a strong person but seeing some of the vile and racist messages towards my sister were heartbreaking."

Carina also revealed that at one point, she broke down in tears due to the hateful comments, but she was grateful that Charlene didn't see any of it as they blocked numerous accounts and deleted hate messages.

She added: "And one point I broke down in tears but I was just grateful that Charlene didn't see any of the hate as we blocked numerous accounts and deleted hate messages etc so she wouldn't see it when she came out the jungle.

"The I'm A Celebrity team control the public narrative and opinion by the way they edit the content and I hope this evening's show shows a resolution to this Nella/Fred fiasco and they don't allow this public hate train to gather even more speed."

She further stated: "That being said, some people are actually insane. I remember someone DM'ing last year saying my sister needs to return to slavery with her ancestors. INSANE."

Nella had previously opened up about her father passing away in 2020. She also lost her mother when she was aged 19. During the episode, she claimed First Dates star Fred was aware of her family tragedy and that one of the comments he made left her feeling deeply upset.

While preparing dinner for their campmates, Fred and Nella got into a chat about their ages. Fred made a comment about their age difference, saying he could be her dad.

This didn't sit well with Nella who felt 'disrespected' and confronted Fred about it later. The fiery exchange had many viewers taking to social media to share their thoughts on the argument with many suggesting the reaction 'came from grief'.

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