James May wife: Is James May married?

Carol Vorderman says James May 'looks hot' in a suit

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James May is known for presenting The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video and he is back with a brand new show. Following on from his previous travel series, Our Man in Japan, he is taking to Italy for his latest venture. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about who he is married to away from the world of TV.

Who is James May married to?

James May has left his co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond to go on a solo trip to Italy.

The presenter launched his first travel series in January 2020, when he toured Japan for three months.

He is now visiting Italy to discover more about the food, culture and traditions.

When it comes to the star’s personal life, he lives in Hammersmith with art critic Sarah Frater.

The pair have been in a relationship since 2000, but they are not married.

Back in 2020, May opened up about falling ill after taking a trip to Germany with his girlfriend.

They were staying at a health farm when he was left with a “belting headache”.

The star explained he had not wanted to go to a health farm, but Sarah had always wanted her to do it.

He told journalist Jay Rayner: “I take her away in September – around her birthday – and we normally go on a cultural European city break and look at art galleries and do a lot of eating and wine drinking.

“It was clear in the initial medical consultation when the doctor arrived, he thought, ‘Ah! There’s actually something we can work on.'”

“They immediately put me on a starvation diet. All I could do was chew a herbal infusion,” he joked.

Sarah is good friends with Richard Hammond’s wife, Mindy.

She and May do not have any children together, and they have not disclosed how they initially met.

Although May does not often discuss his love life, he made clear he would go to great lengths for his girlfriend.

According to cartvshows.com, the star once opened up about why the pair had never married.

The website said: “He once went on record to say that he isn’t a hopeless romantic, and she’s pretty much okay with that.

“For Valentines, he won’t buy her flowers or lovely cards. Instead, he would opt for expensive jewellery.

“Grand gestures like proposals aren’t really his thing, and if Sarah had a problem with not getting married, they wouldn’t be together.”

He also previously spoke to Express.co.uk about why he had not had children with Sarah.

He said: “I think it was just a result of life; let’s put that down to being a late developer.

“I’ve got nieces and nephews of many ages. I’ve spent loads of time working with people in their twenties.

“That’s the nature of television. It has a big influx of people of that age who disperse and move on to other things, and it’s all very fluid.”

The 59-year-old star’s TV career kicked off when he presented Driven on Channel 4 in 1998.

James May: Our May in Italy is out on Amazon Prime Video 

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