Khloe Kardashian caught out in major 'lie' about daughter True, 5, in candid pic as star makes emotional claim | The Sun

KHLOE Kardashian fans have claimed that they caught Khloe lying about her oldest daughter, True.

The Hulu star has two children with her ex, NBA superstar Tristan Thompson, 32: True, 5, and Tatum, 1.

On Snapchat, Khloe, 39, shared a throwback photo of her and True kissing each other through a glass window.

The Good American co-founder stood on the outside of the window while her daughter remained inside.

The tiny tot placed her hands on the glass while wearing a leopard print top and white lace shorts.

"I spent many years dreaming about my daughter," she captioned the heartfelt snap.

However, many critics shared on a popular Kardashian internet forum that Khloe "had a meltdown" after finding out from her sister, Kylie Jenner, 26, that she was having a girl back in 2018.


An internet user reshared the photo and said: "Did she really? I could’ve sworn I saw her have a meltdown when finding out she was carrying a girl and claiming she would ‘hate her’ due to jealousy of a relationship the child would have with their own father."

In a clip from an earlier season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe was shocked that she was having a girl when she was certain she was having a boy.

In a conversation with mom Kris Jenner, 67, she said that True would be Tristan's "love of his life."

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In response, Khloe said: "Well, then I'm gonna get jealous. I don't like that, I don't like her."

Others chimed in.

One fan replied: "YES I WAS WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO POST THIS. SHES been going on n on about dreaming about a daughter like wtf."

"B***h we have actual footage of you having an existential crisis when Kylie told you the sex of that baby over the phone. Stop lying," a second critic said.

"That footage was heartbreaking. True will see it when she is older and that is even more heartbreaking," wrote a third.

A fourth admitted: "She's trying to rewrite history like she didn't film her meltdown."


This isn't the first time fans have slammed Khloe for her parenting decisions towards True.

Over the weekend, Khloe and True attended her sister, Kourtney's Disneyland-themed baby shower as the pregnant star is expected to give birth this fall.

On her Instagram Stories, Khloe recorded her daughter eating some popcorn.

The reality star was showing off the Disney decorations, pointing out the "apple tree from Snow White."

The plastic tree had fake red apples hanging from its branches and a sign next to it that read: "Wishing tree."

In the background, True could be heard calling out her famous mom.

Khloe clapped back: "It's not real? Well, aren't you a buzzkill True!"

Her quick comment didn't go unnoticed by critics, who slammed her word choices.

One wrote on Reddit, "Well. aren't you a buzzkill Trooo," with a rolling eye emoji.

Another replied: "Nice going, Khloe, calling your kid a buzzkill. And her tone of voice when she said it.

"Makes me wonder what else she calls True when there's not a camera around."

They added: "And sure, True probably doesn't know what that word means. But she may see this video when she gets older. Maybe it was just a poor choice of words that just slipped out. But still, Khloe could have addressed True's comment in a better way."

A third user posted: "It definitely came off a little cruel to me."


In July 2022, Khloe and Tristan welcomed Tatum via surrogacy.

However, in the family's reality show, The Kardashians, Khloe admitted she felt disconnected from Tatum because she had him via a surrogate.

Khloe called the process of surrogacy transactional and said she felt guilty that another woman gave birth to her child.

She talked about the difficult journey during a conversation with her sister Kim, 42, and Scott Disick, 40, during The Kardashians Season 3 premiere.

Khloe admitted: "The surrogate process, Kim knows, it's really hard for me."

Then, in a confessional, Khloe said: “I definitely buried my head in the sand during that pregnancy that I didn’t digest what was happening.

"So I think when I went to the hospital, I really think that was the first time it really registered.

"It has nothing to do with the baby but I was in a state of shock I think because of my entire experience in general. I felt very guilty that this woman just had a baby and then you take the baby and go to another room."



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Khloe went on: "It’s such a transactional experience because it’s not about him.

"I wish someone was honest about surrogacy and the difference of it. It doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just different.”

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