Late-Night Returns: Jimmy Kimmel “Almost Crossed The Picket Line” To Weigh In On Trump Joke

Jimmy Kimmel is back with a little help from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The comedian, who hosts the eponymous ABC show, revealed the one joke that he really missed during the five months that he was off the air.

“Every time something happened in the news, I would get texts asking me if I was bummed we didn’t have a show that night. Mostly, I was fine but the one that really got me was when they booked Trump in Georgia and he self-reported his weight at 215 pounds. I almost crossed the picket line for that,” Kimmel joked.

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He made a suggestion to Judge Arthur F. Engoron, who is overseeing Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York, where he’s been accused of inflating his net worth to win better terms on loans.

“If I was the judge in the case he has going on in New York right now, I’d start the trial and say ‘Listen, we’re going to get to the fraud thing, but first hop up on this scale, big fella. He’s 215 pounds. That means he’s 30 pounds lighter than his last physical. When he was President, he was 245 pounds, which means he’s either lying or the Colonel is now frying his chicken in Ozempic.”

Kimmel was joined by the Terminator star, who assured him that he’d be back. “You’ll be back, said the former governor of California. “You always say that,” replied Kimmel.

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