Laurel horrified after sending Marshall back to homophobic dad in Emmerdale

Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) was left horrified in tonight’s Emmerdale after her well-meaning attempt to put things right may have landed Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher) in danger.

It all began when Laurel found Arthur (Alfie Clarke) and Marshall hiding out in Rishi Sharma’s (Bhasker Patel) house.

Rishi had been traumatised thinking that his house was haunted, when all along it had been Marshall seeking shelter, having run away from the boarding school he had been sent to.

Marshall had never wanted to go to the school in the first place, but had been sent there by his homophobic father, Colin (Mark Noble), who had been upset by his son’s friendship with Arthur, who had recently come out as gay.

Concerned that Colin was unaware of his son’s whereabouts, Laurel contacted him, believing that she was doing what was best for everyone.

When Colin arrived, he was quick to give his son a hug, before sitting down for a chat with Laurel, where he expressed his concerns.

He explained that it wasn’t easy for someone with his ‘background and beliefs’ to ‘hear Arthur speak so openly’ about his sexuality.

Laurel was quick to shut him down, pointing out the Arthur’s own father, Ashley (John Middleton) was a vicar, and would have accepted Arthur’s sexuality with no questions.

She explained how he would want Arthur to be happy and true to himself, and be proud of his identity.

Marshall then headed home with his dad, leaving Laurel pleased that she had managed to get things sorted out.

However, that didn’t last long, as Arthur made it clear that Colin wasn’t who he claimed to be.

He pointed out that someone like him could never change his views in just one day, before revealing the disgusting names he had called Arthur in the past.

It was then that Laurel realised who she was really dealing with, as she feared that she had made a ‘huge mistake’.

Has Laurel put Marshall in danger?

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