Liam Fox tearful at emotional tribute from Daisy Campbell as he leaves Emmerdale

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There’s something in our eye tonight after watching Daisy Campbell pay tribute to her Emmerdale co-star Liam Fox – and the emotion definitely got to him too.

Tonight, the actor left his role as Dan Spencer after 12 years, with the character jailed eight years.

Amelia, played by Daisy, was devastated on screen, and the actress herself can’t believe she is now saying goodbye to her on-screen dad after growing up on screen with him.

The Spencer family arrived on the show as a unit, with Liam and Daisy joined by Kelli Hollis (Ali), Alicya Eyo (Ruby) and Luke Hoskell (Sean).

But a lot has happened since then and it’s now the end of an era.

Daisy made a loving video goodbye for Liam, who shed a couple of tears as he watched, before he then reflected on leaving the show.

‘I first filmed with Liam in 2011, nearly 2012, I was nearly 8,’ Daisy recalled.

‘We had a scene in the park, you came in when you meant to. We had a scene at Brook Cottage where you took me and Sean on little days out to make up for lost time

‘I just remember it was just crazy, I was really young but I definitely remember all that first stuff we had with the Spencer fam in the first house. Those were the times!’

She continued: ‘I definitely have a memorable scene, I think it was the birth scene because it was a new era, getting older in the show, you becoming a grandad.

‘But I also remember Little Miss Sparkling Gem, which was in 2015 I think and it was a whole day out with all the cast and crew for a pageant for Amelia.

‘We were saying the other day, Laura (Norton, who plays Kerry) was there, Kelli, Alicya, Sean – a proper family moment.

‘He has always kept me grounded – don’t get big-headed, which I always keep in mind.

‘Stay grounded, stick to what you know – you have literally taught me everything I know and I am always going to stick to the things you have taught me since being young – be grounded and treat everyone nicely.’

And she finished in a poignant way.

‘I can’t believe I am saying goodbye, you are going to smash it, thank you for everything you have taught me. I can’t believe this is the final goodbye after working together for 12 years but I know I will definitely see you again. Lots of love, bye!’

Liam responded after composing himself: ‘Lovely Daisy’s ace. I don’t usually get emotional but that makes me a bit emotional. I wouldn’t have stuck out 12 years in the show if I didn’t have the family I was put with.

I remember loving Kelli Hollis as an actress. She made me so welcome on the first day, the job was easy, I realised it was going to be a piece of cake.

‘It’s the best 12 years I could ever have, and the best storyline to have. Whatever happens to me now, I will struggle to meet a better group of work mates. It’s good as well – I am very excited to be moving on.

‘You just miss the people you film with, like Daisy, because she is family.’

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