Line of Duty fans seriously distracted by Kate Fleming's 'dodgy' crime scene blunder before epic car chase

LINE of Duty fans were put off by a blunder in Kate Fleming's 'dodgy' crime scene.

Last night's penultimate episode of the BBC crime drama did not disappoint as AC-12 look to close in on the mysterious 'H' and the journalist Gail Vella's murderer.

Last week's shootout cliffhanger saw PC Ryan Pilkington and DI Kate Fleming draw their guns on each other.

This week, viewers found out that dodgy copper PC Ryan Pilkington had been killed by DI Kate Fleming after shooting him twice in the chest.

Kate fled the scene with Jo Davidson and fans could not understand why the pair would do that, as it made them look guilty.

Baffled viewers took to Twitter to find out to express why they were bemused by Kate and Jo's decision.

This viewer penned: "So knowing Kate and how dedicated she is to AC12, why did her and Jo run from the crime scene, she would know that it would make it 10x worse, her honesty would have been enough, is there more to it? #LineOfDuty."

Another wrote: "Maybe it’s just me – but why did Kate flee the crime scene? She hadn’t done anything wrong! #LineofDuty."

A third fan asked: "Maybe it’s just me – but why did Kate flee the crime scene? She hadn’t done anything wrong! #LineofDuty."

A fourth said: "So happy kates ok but why the f did she leave the crime scene??? Her and Davidson know it would look dodgy?? #LineofDuty."

Last night Line of Duty's Gregory Piper has said an emotional goodbye to the show after Ryan Pilkington was shot dead saying: "I had it coming."

He posted a lengthy tribute to the show on Instagram, some of which read: "He joked: "If only they had got him a Big Mac. PC Ryan 'The bent b*****d' Pilkington' over and out.

"What an experience. It's not lost on me how lucky I am. Jed Mercurio gave me an absolute gift with Ryan, his scenes and character journey have been the stuff of dreams and I'm so grateful."

Fans rejoiced as evil Ryan was shot dead – but escaped grilling by AC-12. The crooked copper met his end after confessing to multiple murders on the show.

Line of Duty series six comes to an end this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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