Lola Pearce is hiding a HUGE secret in EastEnders – but who is her fiancé and why did she and Jay ever split?

LOLA Pearce is hiding a secret fiancé in EastEnders. But who is he? And why did she split up with Jay Brown in the first place?

Let’s find out…

Who is Lola Pearce’s fiancé in EastEnders?

We don’t know that much about the man Lola is engaged to in EastEnders, apart from the fact he’s called Ewan and she met him in Newcastle.

Ben Mitchell dropped the bombshell on Jay Brown after becoming concerned that he and Lola were getting too close again.

Jay didn’t take the news very well after opening up to Ben that he wanted to make a go of things with Lola because it felt natural.

When Lola confessed she was engaged, Jay stormed out of the Queen Vic, leaving Lola gutted.

Why did Lola and Jay split up?

Lola and Jay broke up back in November 2015 when Lola left the Square to start a new life in Newcastle with Lexi.

The plan was for the three of them to go together as Jay was fleeing the Square after hiding evidence about Lucy Beale’s murder.

But their plan was scuppered when Billy Mitchell called the police on Jay, desperate to spend more time with his granddaughter, Lola.

Jay was arrested and put on a curfew meaning he couldn’t leave Walford, so the plan was for him to move to Newcastle with Lola and Lexi when it was over.

But it didn’t happen because Lola called him from Newcastle to finish with him and told him she’d got together with Dexter Harman, Abi and Lauren Branning’s cousin.

Jay was heartbroken when Lola left and it took him ages to get over her.

When he eventually did start dating again, he got involved with Linzi Bragg, not realising she was an underage schoolgirl.

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