Love Island feud deepens as Remi hits back at Jacques saying 'give your friend up to the police' | The Sun

THE LOVE Island feud between Remi Lambert and Jacques O'Neill has deepened as Remi told the rugby star to 'give your friend up to the police'.

Remi, 24, had claimed he was punched by a pal of Jacques' on a night out at the weekend.

The series 8 contestant took to his Instagram stories accusing the pair of setting him up.

Since Jacques' Instagram message hitting back at the allegations yesterday, Remi has issued a response.

He wrote on his Instagram story: "First of all Jacques you and your friend followed me end of.

"Whoever send that voice note is obviously lying because I ignore you everytime I see you and I've seen you a lot. You know I've tried to keep it civil.

"On the night of the assault you asked me 'You're scared of me. Why do you ignore me every time I see you?' and I told you like I said before in the villa… if I don't like you why should I speak to you?"

Remi continued: "I deleted my things and moved on. Remember this was all back in August.

"I never said you was involved in the fight I clearly said your friend punched me.

"Lastly, I don't want to hear anything about mental health from you again. The fakest person I've ever met. Give your friend up to the police."

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Last night Jacques spoke out on Instagram about the shocking assault claims to tell his side of the story.

The 23-year-old rugby player penned on social media: “We’ll start by the big lie following him home can’t believe he’s even put that but I understand why because it sounds bad and everyone starts thinking straight away no way that happened that’s disgusting etc but it was actually 30 yards from the club…”

Jacques continued: "I didn't begin to start an argument I wanted answers from him as I got a voice note on Instagram from some lad one night saying he was talking to Remi and he's been telling people that he's going to kick the s*** out of me when he sees me so I just wondered if he wanted to or not so I can clarify it wasn't about the Love Island beef at all…

"Saying I can't move on but he's the one that has dragged my name on social media / podcasts since leaving the villa even trying to make diss tracks about me which I just let it all slide because it was quite embarrassing from him…

"Finally just to clear up I was not physically involved in anything that happened only thing I did do was jump in the middle and not let both lads fight… just trying to make it look a lot worse than what it is and try his best to tarnish my name AGAIN that's the real story cheers."

Jacques ended by saying: "I feel like I had no other option but to have my say as though a lot of people have actually believed him."

Remi claims he was walking home from a Manchester club when Jacques started an argument.

The altercation was understood to be over "Love Island beef" from last year, which is something Jacques has denied.

Remi has previously slammed Jacques for making his time in the villa "s**t".

Of the altercation, Remi said Jacques' pal punched him "out of nowhere".

The model wrote on Instagram: "[I] wasn't going to bring this up but this has gone too far now.

"Last night I was assaulted by one of Jacques' friends.

"Jacques and him followed me on my walk back home from the club and stopped me.

"Then Jacques began to start an argument about the Love Island beef that was a year ago.

"Clearly can't move on.

"Out of nowhere his friend punched me.

"I think it was a setup to get me to react but I'm too mature for this bs."

Remi then asked if anyone saw the alleged assault to message him.

The pair shot to fame last year on the eighth series of Love Island.

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Jacques entered the villa on day seven as a bombshell, building a connection with Paige Thorne, but left on 37 for personal reasons.

Remi had a short but sweet stay, lasting just three days after joining on day nine.

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