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LOVE Island star Abi Moores has revealed what really happened when the cameras stopped rolling after her explosive row with Mitchel Taylor and Ella Barnes on the Reunion Show.

In an awkward sit-down chat, hosted by Maya Jama, Abi admitted that in hindsight she feels that her relationship with Mitch was stronger than the one he has currently with Ella B.

Abi finally got to have her say on the Love Island Reunion show  – where she branded Mitch a "gaslighter".

The Hampshire-based beauty has now revealed that Ella B was left furious with her comment and refused to talk to her in the ad break.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Abi said: "Apparently after I said that comment, she’s actually genuinely really angry about it and she’s really p***** off.

"But I don’t understand because I didn’t say anything against them.


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"I just said  like ‘my opinion is, is that we have a better connection', which is what she’s been saying as well.

"She said she thinks she has a better connection.

"Unless you feel threatened that there was a better connection between me and him, that would be the only reason for you to get upset."

Abi continued: "So off camera, after the argument, we went to a break, Ella just wouldn’t talk.

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"She stayed away but Mitch came over to me and we had a chat and he was like normal again, exactly how he was in the villa, when he would switch it on and off."

The studio audience and viewers alike were left gobsmacked at the comments and Ella B wasted no time in defending her partnership with Messy Mitch.

She swiped back: "It's screaming bitter," insinuating that Abi is jealous over Ella and Mitch's current relationship.

Mitch also stated the comment wasn't worth responding too.

Abi has now hit back at Ella B's remark about her being bitter, saying: "No, not at all, I hate that. I think she threw that comment in there because it’s been said so much and she didn’t know what else to say.

"So she just said it’s ‘giving bitter’ and this whole ‘giving’ it’s the whole tagline of the season.

"She had nothing else to say about it – I think it’s quite clear that I’m not bitter as I don’t like Mitch, I actually want them to be together as it keeps him away from me."

Abi admitted that Mitch's apology on the show wasn't sincere but said life is too short to hold grudges.

"Even his apology – he said I would apologise to these two girls – it was almost like a teacher asking you to say sorry. It wasn’t an apology," the blonde stunner said.

"But to be honest, with Mitch, at the moment, I don’t really care, maybe I’d be open to a friendship, I’m quite chill about it.

"I’m not going to hold a grudge against him and say we will never have a friendship.

"There will never be a relationship there, that’s completely out of the window.

"I was getting along really well with Ella but it depends how she is now after that explosion, because after it,

"I didn’t see Mitch and Ella after the show – I spoke to Mitch in the break but after we left studio, their car went and we all went and they didn’t come out with us."

It comes after Abi admitted her villa journey wasn't always easy after being "gaslit" and "picked on", leaving her debating whether to quit the show entirely.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Abi said: "It was a really good opportunity for me to show everyone that this is never going to happen and to take the opportunity that this is live and it can't get cut.

"I was torn down by the experience, you could see me getting weaker throughout. Coming home, I stepped back from it and thought 'I'm not going to be treated that way'.

"I went to that reunion fighting, I'm no longer going to take your s*** and I feel much stronger."

She continued: "Calling him a gaslighter, you can't go back – I've been able to squash what I wanted to squash and to show that there is no interest there.

"It all comes down to the fact that I still think he likes me, the energy I got was like at school when a boy fancies a girl and they're pulling your pigtails.

"I wouldn’t use the word bullying as that’s such an intense word and shouldn’t be thrown around.

"He did treat me unfairly – I’d probably say picked on me is the terminology, I felt picked on.

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"The way he was in there, a lot of the time, he would say something to me and then when I would say, 'oh you've said this', he would be like 'no I didn't'.

"That is gaslighting, when you're denying and making me question and he would say 'if I don't remember saying it, then I never said it'."

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