Love Island’s Will cracks on with new bombshell as they discover shared bond
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    Romance could be on the cards for Love Island singleton Will Young, thanks to the arrival of Australian bombshell Jessie Wynter.

    In Sunday night's episode (January 22), Jessie arrives with Aaron Waters, both of them having previously been on Love Island Australia.

    Jessie goes to chat to Will and she tells him about her past and where she grew up, saying: "I kind of grew up in the country."

    And it sounds like it's music to Will's ears as he says: "Loving it, everyone in here is like city people and I'm a little country boy."

    Jessie tells him she's a country girl too, with Will telling her: "You're honestly a 10/10, you're unreal."

    To which she responds: "You're obviously gorgeous as well, you really are."

    Will then compliments Jessie on her eye contact, but could their be contact with more than just their eyes coming up?

    Elsewhere in the episode, Lana Jenkins and Tanyel Revan have a chat after the recoupling, as Tanyel chose Ron Hall.

    Lana tells her that, going forward, the two of them need to have a "really transparent friendship", as Lana was growing close to Ron.

    She tells Tanyel: "The only thing that would hurt me now is if things were going on behind my back, I'd just like to know."

    Could romance blossom between Ron and Tanyel now he's not officially with Lana?

    Olivia Hawkins and Zara Lackenby-Brown try and clear the air yet again, with Olivia grabbing Zara while she's talking to Tom Clare.

    But it looks like things are far from being over and that Olivia may want a chance with Tom.

    Zara tells her that he doesn't think he's interested in her as he's "quite affectionate from the get go" and she didn't reciprocate.

    Olivia slams back: "I think that's personal between me and him and I don't really think that's your business."

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