Lydia Dingle reveals truth about rapist Craig to her family in Emmerdale | The Sun

SEVERAL weeks of tortured silence have gone by and Lydia Dingle continues to struggle in the aftermath of her rape.

But she finally gives her truth to her family next week in Emmerdale, shortly after telling Kim Tate everything.

The fan favourite portrayed by Karen Blick was sexually assaulted by her childhood sweetheart Craig Reed (Ben Addis) who manipulated her into believing he had nothing but good intentions for her and her family.

Sadly, and like many other victims of assault and rape, Lydia has been unable to expose Craig, particularly as he continually gaslights her, denying her truth and insisting she had given consent.

However, while many in the ITV Dales were none the wiser, Kim Tate (Claire King) quickly realised something wasn't right with Lydia as her behaviour spiralled out of control in Home Farm.

In an emotional outburst, as she struggled to fight back tears upon realising the brutality of what happened to her, Lydia opened up to the businesswoman and told her Craig had raped her.

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And as Super Soap Week begins, Lydia decides it's time her family and her husband Sam (James Hooton) knew about her attack.

Coming up, Sam is upset Lydia has gone "to her mother’s" and he doesn’t understand why.

This prompts him to talk to Kim who subtly tests the waters with Sam, trying to determine if Lydia has revealed her secret.

They’re both panicked when they try to call Lydia’s mum, only to find out Lydia isn’t really there.

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Kim’s flustered when Sam turns on her, demanding she tells him what she knows.

Meanwhile, at a B&B, a broken Lydia listens to Sam’s voice message.

Stunned, his words strike Lydia as she begins to question her decision to run away.

Back at home, Sam’s worst fears are confirmed when Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) reveals she thinks Lydia has been having an affair with Craig.

Mandy does her best to explain her suspicions as Sam’s desperate to make sense of things.


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But members of the Dingle clan are thrown when a fragile Lydia arrives home after deciding she was ready to bear all.

The family are rocked as a broken Lydia picks up all her strength to reveal all of her trauma and bravely tells them she was raped by Craig.

How will everybody react?

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Will they believe her?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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