Mack and Charity’s wedding confirmed amid Chloe baby secret in Emmerdale

In a twist probably none of us were expecting, Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) in Emmerdale are getting married!

The proposal from Mack wasn’t the usual type, as he got down on one knee after he tried to tell Charity about Chloe’s (Jessie Elland) secret.

The secret in question is, of course, that she’s pregnant with his baby after they slept together when Mack and Charity were on a break.

Charity found out about Chloe’s pregnancy tonight, but still remains none the wiser her partner is actually the baby’s dad.

Mack headed home and prepared to tell Charity the truth, but she was distracted with cleaning and ended up misinterpreting what Mackenzie had to say, fearful he actually wanted a relationship that involved going out all of the time and getting drunk.

Far too worried to reveal what he actually wanted to say, Mackenzie got down on one knee and proposed!

Initially, Charity was hesitant and explained to Mack that a wedding/being a married couple could jeopardise what they have. She’s happy now and thinks becoming Mackenzie’s wife could negatively impact everything.

Mack reassured Charity that things would be different and unexpectedly, that was enough!

Not wanting to get engaged wearing marigolds, she whipped them off and said yes when Mack proposed again.

But with Mack’s secret still at the front of his mind, is he setting himself up for a catastrophic break up, planning a wedding with so many lies in the background?

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