MAFS UK couple baffles fans as they agree to stay after disastrous consummation

Married at First Sight newlyweds Rosaline and Thomas surprised viewers with a decision to stay, after the lovelorn stars admitted to initially having failed to find a lasting spark.

Opening up about the initial lack of chemistry, Thomas revealed how he had initially felt “defeated” on his wedding day, after he realised Rosaline wasn’t initially attracted to him, despite him finding her to be incredibly beautiful himself.

Speaking to the show’s experts at the first commitment ceremony of the series, Thomas also opened up on how he and Rosaline had consummated their relationship following the first dinner party just one day prior.

However despite having taken their relationship to the next level, Thomas revealed that he had been blanked by Rosaline ever since they had slept together.

“Today I felt totally ignored. You haven’t even looked at me. So I’m really confused,” explained Thomas.

Paul Bunson then asked what Rosaline’s intention had been behind having sex with him, to which she revealed she had simply wanted to see if real feelings were present.

However she soon admitted after their sexual moment together: “I feel like nothing in my heart changed. I thought I’d feel something!”

Despite their night together, Rosaline was still unswayed by any possible feelings, leading Thomas to admit he didn’t think they should have had sex if she didn’t feel any affection towards him.

Even despite the setback, Thomas was willing to continue giving their relationship a fighting chance as he told the panel of experts that he was willing to stay in the experiment for the duration.

In a nail biting moment, Rosaline also admitted she was willing to stay, after the couple had shared an emotional heart to heart on the couch.

Fans at home were baffled by the decision, with many feeling that Thomas deserved better treatment than Rosaline had shown him so far.

“I personally think Thomas is an incredibly handsome guy and Rosaline has treated him terribly since the beginning,” wrote one fan.

A second fan then weighed in adding: “Thomas deserves better than Rosaline. She is ultimately punching.”

While a third fan then commented: “Rosaline making jokes about Thomas whilst she’s sat next to him, after she’s just tore his heart out and humiliated him, and then not bothering to look in his direction when HE checked in with HER.”

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