Married at First Sight star Brad Skelly breaks silence after ‘brutal’ show edit

Married at First Sight star Brad Skelly has broken his silence on social media after the second dinner party aired on the smash hit E4 dating show.

During the brutal episode, which hit our screens on Tuesday night (3 October), viewers saw the cracks beginning to form in Brad’s relationship with wife Shona after their romance came under scrutiny from the other couples.

In one particularly tough moment, fellow groom Luke was asked to say which couple he thought was the leats genuine, to which he explained he felt Shona and Brad seemed to have formed their relationship on the basis of sexual attraction alone with little substance beyond that.

Wounded by the accusations, Shona defensively tried to argue her view point as she kept reiterating that there was far more to their relationship than that, however Brad himself soon waded in to the argument by snubbing Shona’s need for validation.

“You want people. Why is it always an external validation with you?” argued Brad in tense scenes.

He then continued: “I don’t care if people don’t see our love. I don’t have an emotional attachment to somebody else. You need to let it go.”

Then when Shona tried to interject, he callously could be seen and heard telling his wife to “shut up” in scenes that saw him widely criticised on social media.

In light of the scenes, Brad soon took to Instagram shortly after they had aired, as he took to his stories to share a photo in which his hand covered his face as he wrote: “That edit was difficult to watch.”

Many fans at home were inclined to agree, with many viewers taking to social media to slam the star for his behaviour and how it was clearly having a devastating affect on Shona.

“I called it right from the beginning, I said Brad will have a nasty streak and be controlling,” wrote one fan.

A second viewer then added: “The irony of this guy spending 10 minutes declaring his love in a big speech then saying he doesn't care about external validation. He does my head in.”

Before a third commented: “Ok, I think I’m going to have to take this back cos Shona and Brad are as bad as each other in different ways. Shona feels she needs validation from everyone which I find quite sad and Brad very domineering but not in a cute way

Not everyone was against Brad’s comments however, as one fan added: “Brad is right tho, don't need other people to validate the relationship but Brad needs to see Shona’s perspective as well & to tell her to shut up just like Really!?!?”

Will the couple be able to make their relationship work?

Married at First Sight continues Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4 and 4OD.

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